10619 – 101319 ok so dont let this pic scare you too much lol…but lets just say, if youre …

10/6/19 – 10/13/19: ok so dont let this pic scare you too much lol … but lets simply state, if youre afraid of enthusiasm & & intensity … you may desire to hide this week.

Venus (appeal, love, the material) gets in Scorpio 10/8 (I originally said 10/9 in my stories forgive my mistake lol) – so shes no longer playing around like she was while in social butterfly Libra, oh no Venus in Scorpio wants your SOUL, mwahahahaaaaaaa !! Just kidding (kinda)!! But she does bring a bit more of a serious ambiance to the table when it comes to enjoy., considering that Scorpio energy is very cut and dry, no in between confusion allowed.
On 10/12/19 she will oppose Uranus, the bringer of excitement through unforeseen surprises and lightening bolts through your world … meaning you can expect the unexpected in love ⚡ Someone can strike you up out of the blue that you never ever wouldve thought was interested in you, or you can establish a sudden destination to somebody. Surprise separations or makeups can happen.
Venus also rules money, so unexpected gains of cash or losses of it or material items can take place in a flash too.
We are likewise building up to an intense moon in Aries, a sign ruled by Mars, which rules action, anger and aggression. Complete moons currently bring out the insane in us … expect this one to have the possible to put on rather the display of crazy if we let it lol.

Or we can utilize it to really press through and say whats been required to be stated, do whats been required to be done … that possibly we slept on in order to keep the peace (Libra). The elements to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto make this one a hot one for improvement, dangers, responsibility and all type of cool lessons indeed For more information on todays energy, click the link in my bio to the video on my #YouTube channel!! #astrology #astrologer #horoscope #horoscopes #horoscopeposts #horoscopepost #ariesfullmoon #venusinscorpio #scorpioseason #libraseason #astrologyposts #astrologymemes #astrologersofig #astrologersofinstagram #fullmoon #aries #scorpio.

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