11th house – like-minded people.The house of friends, assistants, like-minded people, relation…

⭐11th house – like-minded people.

🔸️The house of friends, assistants, like-minded people, relationships in the team as a whole.

🔸️If you feel that there are no like-minded people around, get depressed as part of the team, have no one to share the news with, you need to get your 11th house analyzed!

🔸️If your other half pays more attention to his or her friends than you, spending all the free time in their company, consider looking for Sun in their 11th house.

🔸️Venus in this house makes you a crowd pleaser or even a soul of the party, People like you are often found attending art events, as well as enjoying beautiful and harmonious company.

🔸️Jupiter in the 11th house gives the possibility to have numerous friends in different cities and countries. You are a true friend always ready to lend a helping shoulder, with those around also ready to come to rescue.

🔸️The owners of Pluto in the house of friends have good friendships and ties with rich and powerful people.

🔸️Sponsorship, financial support and assistance are often associated with this location of the planet. Often this location is associated with politics.

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