12 Signs, 12 Murderers amp What May Have Compelled Them To Kill Part Two

** Scorpio: ** Were avoiding Charles Manson, ok? Rather: Nannie Doss, born 11/4/1905. (We require more females represented here, amirite?) Eliminated: 11. Technique: Poison. Doss was known as the “Lonely Hearts Killer” and called herself a “self-made widow”. Big Scorpio Energy. But she was also called the “Giggling Granny” and “Giggling Nanny”. 2 juxtaposed archetypes that can be seen in her chart. She does not have a birth time, so here I will dive into planetary conditions and archetypes and neglect your houses. There can still be rich information without a verified time of birth. Doss has an element that is dime-a-dozen in the charts of people who dedicate atrocious acts: Saturn in tough aspect to the Moon, and here they were conjunct in Aquarius. Saturn is a deadening representative when it comes to feeling, and Doss apparently experienced depression. She also had an extremely managing dad (Saturn) that prohibited her from wearing great clothing, comprise and from going to gatherings. Rather, he forced Doss and her siblings to work on their farm, even avoiding them from going to school (Saturn likewise squares Dosss Mercury, the planet responsible for discovering). In her youth, likely since her reality was so restricted, Doss became consumed with romance magazines and vanished into visions about her own future love-life: Venus in romantic Libra square Neptune in Cancer, Sun in compulsive Scorpio trine Neptune in Cancer– signposts of delusional concepts of love, escapism, and an ever-elusive state of stability for her ego. Married at 16, Doss fell into alcohol and nicotine addiction to deal with her unsatisfactory relationship. The Neptune signatures pointed out above can trigger one to overdo it with numbing compounds, however Doss likewise had Mars opposite Neptune. Her actions were governed, in part, by Neptune. Poison is the domain of Neptune, and Doss admitted to killing a number of relative and her four husbands by means of fatal casts like rat toxin and arsenic. As discussed in part one, Scorpio-like killings tend to be overt versus passive. Why was family her main target? Neptune in Cancer motivated the deeds to be gotten on family (in one circumstances, she poisoned a sweet potato pie and fed it to her then-husband). Despite her horrific actions, Doss had a certain beauty identified by her Venus trine Moon signature. She continued to discover numerous enthusiasts through her participation in dating services. She was said to have a practice of chuckling and laughing while on trial describing her murders. In jail, she was likewise said to have actually remained “cheerful”, making jokes about her case. Even before sentencing, she responded in jest to press reporters questioning her about the different murder accusations and took pleasure in journalism. Jupiter in Gemini (news) formed an out-of-sign opposition with her Mercury, perhaps enabling a larger-than-life outlook and optimism regardless of her circumstances. Owing also to a strong Neptune, she never quite comprehended the gravity of her actions. Lastly, Venus was involved in a tense square with Mars (intermarital violence, domestic aggressiveness) and a trine with Pluto, giving her a caring nature that was combative, controlling, and unsafe. Her first partner called her “frightening,” and got away quickly after the suspicious deaths of their 2 children due to “gastrointestinal disorder”.

** Sagittarius: ** Dennis Nilsen. Born 11/23/1945. Killed: 12-15. Technique: strangulation, drowning. Nilsen had an enormous combination in between Moon, Pluto, Mars, Saturn and MC. All three malefices bearing down on his psychological core (Moon) developed a twisted and dark person. He enticed young homosexual guys with high-risk lifestyles back to his home in exchange for shelter or alcohol. It goes without saying that Neptune is included– sextiling his Mars-Pluto combination. Ill stop here to state that the sextile, understood as the “lower” trine, is an element of ease that, when benefited from consciously, presents incredible chance. Nilsen took benefit of this by using “guile” to tempt and seduce his victims. It likewise assisted that he had Jupiter tightly conjunct his Libra ascendant, fueling an image of congeniality, care, and heat that his otherwise downtrodden and often homeless victims found soothing. As a kid, Nilsen was an excellent student. He got in the armed services, and enjoyed his time taking a trip– an apt intellectual and cultural cravings for a Sagittarius Sun and Mercury in the 3rd. Nilsen noticed his homosexual desires initially as a child, and after that in the British Army, began trying to enact those desires, albeit shyly. He drank to excess (Jupiter), both to override his shyness and in the hopes that a fellow cadet would benefit from his stupored state. But normally, Nilsen went to excellent lengths to reduce his sexuality, even declining to shower with his fellow soldiers. Nilsen had Venus in Scorpio square a retrograde Pluto in Leo, an aspect that can repress sexual desires, or even pervert them. The perversion here is *** NOT *** homosexuality, however the necrophilia that ensued, a manifestation of his sexual attraction to unconscious guys. Venus in hard aspect to Pluto can certainly bring in the component of death, even in a literal method. It also includes in the total requirement for control over others, and simpler to do so if they are unconscious or arent even alive. He described this time of his life as beginning down “the avenue of death and possession.” Nilsens Moon was in trine to his Venus, including an insatiable psychological component to his murders. His Venus in Scorpio was also the ruler of his 8th home, Taurus, maybe accounting with the fixation with death. His Moon in Cancer also puts an emphasis on the mother: when his grandfather passed away, Nilsen, a child at the time, remembered his mother encouraging him to see the dead body as it laid in wake. This sowed the seed for what would later become necrophilia. As time progressed, Nilsen would come to resent his mothers attention on his siblings, a rejection that would later on turn his desire to be with other males into a fixation– he required them “at all expenses” and “whether [they] wanted to or not.” His Moon was squared by Jupiter, over-exaggerating the preliminary insecurity and the subsequent aberrations. The Cancer moon can likewise explain why he tempted and buried all of his victims at his home.

Be well. And do not eliminate people.

** Aquarius: ** Robert Hansen, born 2/15/1939. Eliminated: 17-21+. Approach: stabbing, different. I wish to leap right into the most strikingly symbolic astrological occurrence Ive experienced while composing these. Hansen had his Mars in Sagittarius, and while behaviorally this can manifest as somebody who behaves with no limitation (Mars in a Jupiter sign can go beyond any established specification, which can manifest darkly) as many serial murders tend to do, it likewise takes place to explain Hansens interest in … archery. Sagittarius * is * the archer, and its glyph is the arrow. Hansen left into archery and searching to avoid his domineering dad. He was skinny, shy, riddled with acne and icepick scars, and avoided by the opposite sex. As an outcome, he harbored violent fantasies of revenge on them. Hansen had Moon conjunct Venus in Capricorn. Here, the Moon is in hinderance, struggling to realize emotions healthfully. With a conjunction to Venus, there was a deep emotional requirement to bond through relationship with women, but this desire was stifled by Saturnian energy (infamously late flowering, awkward). Saturn likewise squared his Venus and Moon from the indication of its detriment– Aries. Saturn putting constraint on the self-assured sign of Aries can make one particularly shy in expression, and here, it also exacerbated the solitude of his Venus-Moon combo. When the yin nature of one is quelched, out comes the yang. Hansen enacted his Mars in Sagittarius by hunting girls with a knife or rifle in the wilderness of Alaska. His Mars was squared by Jupiter in Pisces, exacerbating the excess of his martial desires. Saturn in trine to Mars in explosive fire indications, Hansens criminal records started with him burning down a school bus garage. In prison, he was detected as bipolar. The anxiety possibly owed to Saturn square Moon, and the mania possibly owed to his Jupiter-Mars square in mutable signs. The psychiatrist who made the medical diagnoses observed Hansen as being hellbent on “revenge” for those who even somewhat mistreated him and with an “infantile character” to boot. Hansens Aquarius Sun was associated with a demanding quincunx with Pluto, an aspect that can make one very suspectable to fixation, power plays, self-hatred, and criminal offense. The power he felt (or needed to feel) with Pluto was not acknowledged or accepted by his Sun, his core ego, and thus Hansen might have went above and beyond to try and integrate these stress factors more harmoniously, and appeared to have done so using violence. Thus, his infantile, unintegrated Sun shone through in some circumstances, and his violent and brooding Pluto in others. I also suggest that given that his Sun (and Mercury) were ruled by an incapacitated Saturn in sometimes rash and selfish Aries (trined by an in some cases rash and selfish Mars in Sag), that Hansen had no trustworthy structure on which on construct a more mature persona.

The Neptune signatures pointed out above can trigger one to go overboard with numbing compounds, but Doss likewise had Mars opposite Neptune. His Moon was also conjunct Saturn and Pluto, however his Mars was forming an opposition to this trio from the bottom of his chart. He likewise had Neptune conjunct his ascendant in an applying square to his Mars and Sun, making his character one that needed to feel high, that needed to get away, and/or needed to numb. Hansen had his Mars in Sagittarius, and while behaviorally this can manifest as someone who behaves without any limit (Mars in a Jupiter sign can go beyond any established specification, which can manifest darkly) as the majority of serial murders tend to do, it likewise occurs to describe Hansens interest in … archery. I likewise believe that given that his Sun (and Mercury) were ruled by an incapacitated Saturn in sometimes rash and selfish Aries (trined by an often rash and self-centered Mars in Sag), that Hansen had no trusted structure on which on construct a more mature persona.

Unrelated, however here is Wuornoss final interview, a day prior to she would be killed. In her affect, you can see the mixing of all the planetary positions in her chart. And if you scroll down to the comments, numerous were in awe of her composure (Moon in Libra), intelligence (Mercury in Aquarius) and pitied her. A Pisces martyr or monster? Whos to state. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFBcjII3QAE] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFBcjII3QAE).

(https://www.reddit.com/r/astrology/comments/ecnb1n/12_signs_12_murderers_what_may_have_compelled/) * prior to you dive in here. There I explain my reasoning for doing this and what you can anticipate from these compose ups. *.

Thanks for reading this, and for all the favorable feedback on my very first part a number of weeks earlier. Im done talking about killers in the meantime, but do believe that their charts offer striking insight into the accuracy and patterning of Astrology, as heinous things are often much easier to analyze and separate than the benign goings-on of regular life.

Misleading interaction, unwieldy and dark behaviors all put in the arena of immediate community (also: cousins are a 3rd home theme). It is likewise unfortunate to note that Buono would “experiment” with different ways to eliminate and abuse young women. His Uranus was likewise in an applying trine to his Neptune.

( In the video, she likewise strangely anticipated the current crisis and growing stress we have with Iran.).

His Moon was also conjunct Saturn and Pluto, but his Mars was forming an opposition to this trio from the bottom of his chart. His Mars, in Capricorn in the 4th, was also involved in a tight combination to his Sun. He likewise had Neptune conjunct his ascendant in an applying square to his Mars and Sun, making his character one that required to feel high, that needed to escape, and/or needed to numb.

Venus in a Mars sign is deeply uncomfortable, and brings about an air of violence and anger to ones love life and sense of femininity. Neptune here likewise saw Wuornos descend into alcoholism, having been pulled over for DUIs a number of times, and with numerous of her brawls taking location inside of bars. Having the two dad figures of the chart in tense element is likewise symbolic of her relationship to her dad and grandfather– the former a kid rapist who devoted suicide in prison, and the latter a caretaker who beat her, sexually attacked her, and allowed her to be raped by a friend.

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