1352020 The first card I saw today was the 5ofswords but stuck to its back was the 8ofswords so…

13/5/2020🦋 The first card I saw today was the #5ofswords but stuck to its back was the #8ofswords so today there are a lot of conflicting energy going on. .
⚔️It’s okay to feel uncertain and defeated, but today I wonder has a defeat really happened or is there old thinking patterns that are holding me/you hostage? That I / you would benefit from letting go of…….
⚔️Or is there simply a situation in which an injustice have happened where one has benefited over another in a foul way? and there is a feeling of being stuck and bound by it, not by own choice but bc of circumstances? .
⚔️Whatever is going on today there are hurt feelings involved. And you can make a choice: to view yourself as a victim or seeing this whole situation as a lesson to learn something about yourself from. Bc powerless is something you are NOT!! .
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