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1st House (personality)⭐ ⠀ 🔹️The first house is meant to give you the most information. It's about your character, habits, appearance and the way fate influences your life. ⠀ 🔹️ A large bundle of planets stands for extraordinary abilities, in some cases making you self-centered. ⠀ 🔹️If throughout the course of your life you feel the constant presence of doom and obstacles,  searching for the problem within, have a closer look to see if it's Saturn in the first house that hasn't been properly addressed. ⠀ 🔹️People with a clearly pronounced Venus in the house of self are easy to notice from afar. Not necessarily for  their stunning appearance, rather than incredible charm and magnetic ability to pull in the opposite sex. ⠀ 🔹️If you still cannot find your way, are confused about what appeals to you the most, trying to find yourself but have constant doubts, in all likelihood you've got the impressive Neptune in your house, requiring some work on your part. ⠀ 🔹️Figuring out which planets are in the first house will be a big step towards self-knowledge, getting answers to your questions and making your life that much easier.