2019 November New Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is ruled by the Temperance tarot card and this is an archetype that brings revers into union. Temperance motivates us to adjust and temper opposing experiences. For that reason it assists us open our mind and asks us to apply what we have actually learned to see what we have actually truly mastered.

** NEW MOON @ 4 ° Nov. 26, 2019, 3:05 PM UTC **.

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This New Moon in Sagittarius can initiate a brand-new cycle of connecting to sustainable happiness and accomplishment of our goals. When we link to the 48-hour lunar window of this New Moon, we can receive all the energy we need to optimize this lunar cycle. We are likewise in Sagittarius season where we temper the energies that we fortified throughout the solar month of Scorpio.

24 hours before and 24 hours after the New Moon is a cosmic window where subconscious material rises to the surface and asks us to handle whatever we have actually suppressed so that it will not pollute our efforts.

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[https://www.arikxander.com/blog/2019/new-moon-in-sagittarius] (https://www.arikxander.com/blog/2019/new-moon-in-sagittarius).

When we want things, our first understanding is that we dont have them, so we can either choose a fast fix or we can do the inner work to view that which we desire quickly. It is possible to view that which we desire in our truth and what could be more amazing than that?

The question of this New Moon asks us which “locations” of your life are exciting, which is different than “minutes” of your life.

Prior to we can see where we stand with our tests and what we have apparently mastered, we need to look back in time. We need to look at ourselves and the choices we have made and whether they have actually been made from a location of absence or from a place of joy.

We only need to perceive the essence of whatever that is there. We can start by opening up our mind, by opening up our Moon vortex (aka the third-eye chakra.

The question of this New Moon asks us which “areas” of your life are interesting, which is different than “minutes” of your life. An area would be our career, or our relationship, which can include moments. When an area has excitement, then every moment is filled with life and energy, like the 8 of Wands shows us.

** Furthermore, when we can not differentiate between stable happiness and short-term joy, it will be impossible to discover true joy. **.

In DASH ® Astrology, the New Moon is a time to get energy for our mission! To access the quantum quest of Sagittarius, we must open ourselves to the following concern:.

**” Which areas of my life are exciting? Why? **.
** Which areas of my life could use more excitement? Why?” **.

Subjectivity is your subjective experience, through the filters and karmic lenses of our personal reality. This is also how spiritual fiction is formed and it is with subjectivity where we select and choose what influences us and what we are subjected to! Ok, so then if we can select and select what applies to us, why pass by to perceive all our intentions, wishes and dreams exposed, as they are right here, today.

**” Which areas of my life are amazing? **.
** Which areas of my life could use more enjoyment? **.

Yet, we ought to understand that we are always born into the precise situations that offer the lessons we require to find out. If that indicates we will be set up to fall, even. How can this be? Since in some cases, for some people, its just once we struck rock bottom that we make 100% connection to the Divine.

With meditation and prayer for inner development, we increase the possibility of whatever we desire to occur. Wild thoughts are hit or miss out on, however sincere concentration, focus, and intent setting will increase the possibility of it arising within our perception. We witness the making of truth when the unmanifest becomes manifest out of the sea of the High Priestess, which is the moon. So again, on the New Moon, we can increase the possibility of things happening.

Otherwise, we look with a karmic view of ego perception, which is subjective and can get uninteresting. It has absolutely nothing to do with Reality, which is always amazing.

It is regrettable that being political correctness has actually spread into spiritual aspirations. We are now living in a world where we need to walk on eggshells to not anger others with their beliefs since the majority of people turn spiritual memes into psychological affirmations, calling them spiritual truths. Spiritual traps are established for us to end up being complacent and justifiably egotistical when the going gets difficult, and we sprinkle around in waters where we d rather not honestly confront for elevation.

** The Question Of This Quest. **.

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