2020 YEARLY FORECAST Its that time again Im so so excited to be rolling out the third a…

2020 YEARLY FORECAST Its that time once again!
Im so fired up to be rolling out the 3rd yearly edition of my 2020 Yearly Forecast. As a lot of you know, I composed Monthly Horoscopes for a number of years up until I ended up getting crazy hectic, so now I simply roll them all into one big epic e-book
This years e-book is filled with 56 pages of cosmic clearness to bring you into 2020..
Youll find:.
An overview of where the planets remain in 2020 and what this suggests for us as a cumulative.
A guide to every retrograde duration of the year – sorry to state, we have more than normal next year!.
Yearly At a Glance Moon Calendars for PT, ET, GMT & & AEST time zones.
Your most significant locations of growth & & your biggest obstacles for this year.
Particular dates to write on your calendar to plan ahead for (whether to prevent risks or take advantage of cosmic opportunities!).
Thorough horoscopes you can read for your Sun, Moon & & Rising Sign including your own individual annual summary and practical, actionable tips around the areas of Career & & Money, Love & Romance, Health & Wellness, and Mind Expansion
Im just ending up the final edits today, but I will be sending them out to all who buy shortly!
>> > > Pre-order yours now by going to www.soulshineastrology.com/shop
* You can likewise bundle your order with the 2020 Moon Journal and get access to my 2020 Plan Your Life & & Career with the Cosmos Masterclass all in one go! Scroll to the bottom of the checkout page for details

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