22-27 July Astrology Horoscope – Leo season begins with an activated Grand Fire Trine Its courageous, its always attached with constructive productive bold actions. Check for your sign where our actions can positively manifest results this week

22-27 July #Astrology #Horoscope Its Leo season let’s manifest !

We have a very astrologically and politically active week.

22 July 10:50pm E.T. 🌟
Sun is coming back home to it’s natural abode – Leo. Alls right with the world when that happens, even when it’s not. Cause we feel equipped to achieve what we set out to do with directional shifts courtesy eclipse season. Sun in Leo will continue to brighten our heart for next one month, we will talk about it more in 31 Jul New Moon post/ video. Just know for now – shining bright sunlight is here about to fill our ambition, body & heart with fire, hope, boldness & desire to do our soul proud. It’s a season when we blossom, yield results, do what we can be proud of & do it with a flair & an air of lion/lioness royalty💫

While themes of eclipse season will continue in background, Leo flair & positivity becomes dominant in coming days easing the manifestation of eclipses

[Do check out themes of eclipse season as they continue to unveil fully over next few weeks ](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvSvY3h-vAPU0qnXPJM32PA)

23 & 24 July 🌟
Venus Mercury do a sweet deep dance this day so this is good day for ease in all negotiations business or love. We also have an active Grand Fire activating us physically & mentally, sort of a wake up from a slumber of what has been to what we need to do to get going. It’s courageous, it’s always attached with constructive productive bold actions. Bold we shall be. Most importantly it forms a gateway to the very lucrative Mars Trine Jupiter meeting of 25 July.

25 July 🌟
Mars will trine Jupiter – this is us getting the boldness, dare, comfort, luck to do what we should have done long ago. Choose this day & 1-2 days before after to initiate what you want to grow in acceptance, popularity, impact; get support; start the projects you might have been waiting to get motivation for cause this aspect is motivation, dare central.

You can get positive manifestation of desires over August first two weeks if we act 23-26 Jul. What should I act on to manifest – let’s look at it briefly by sign – check rising / sun / moon sign (See precautions at bottom)


♈️ #Aries
Manifest progress in creative projects, investment/ business risk, romance, with children or in giving birth to something/ a business/ pet project who is like a child. This is bold trine in house of life, it gives us Aries an impetus to be us & set bold goals for future. If you had no sense of limitations – who would you be & who would you be that with. Its time to set that Creative high as your goal – it’s not a great time to dampen dream with current reality else we kill a dream before it began. These are lucky karmic houses working together for a brief moment around 14°/15° of Aries. 23/24 Jul can be a nice reset & we should take an active preparatory step on 25 Jul of whatever it is your heart’s desire to grow in areas highlighted above. ~14/15° Aries rising/moon or around 4 Apr born will feel most. If you are a parent or a business owner/ career person – lead – you are being asked to not wait – you are it – lead assertively.

♉️ #Taurus
Manifest progress with home, family, parents, fixed assets that give you comfort. This might require a few endings, moving on from old patterns, it would require us to go in deep, personally & emotionally to develop more trust in our relationships, partners, life, abundance of universe as a whole. This trust offers the kind of independence we crave – for fear of security drives unhealthy attachments. The 23/24 Jul grand furs trine can give impetus to go in or out of a personal situation related to home, family, parents, parental property, real estate, home decor even or if you are a 14°/15° Taurus or around 4 May born, it can even propmpt you to ask for what you deserve to make your life more filled with love, comfort & security. Property repairs & renegotiations of lease, rentals, home loan, purchases to enhance property value can go fabulously well 23-26 Jul, good luck 💫

♊️ #Gemini
Manifest a commercial communication / deal or a marketing/ branding/ your own branding or positioning to the world / any written communication or verbal one that can commercially or contractually help you gain skills & commercial success. Learn a new life skill – having steep learning curve. Act on a bold idea – prepare pitch for it. Assertive communications & actions on your previously thought out ideas can be very lucrative – a lot can be done in a short time & you can make a positive impact on your immediate environment. Remember your ruler – Mercury – which rules all business communications is still retrograde & hence best to check, recheck any communication for slips & over expression of emotions in formal business communications. Share your life, talk, meet, travel stay abuzz especially ~14° Gemini/ 5 Jun born . Siblings can come in focus.

♋️ #Cancer
Manifest material resources, self worth & networth through lucrative actions this week, directed towards creating more value from your skills. You take care of business in a realistic, practical way to do what truly works – taking charge of your financial destiny, asking assertively for what your talents deserve, demonstrating your personal values in your actions, reflecting your inner worth in outer abundance & fighting to enhance it greatly. Equal pay some say( Rapinoe Cancer Sun), better trade terms some say (USA – Cancer Sun), going to space cause that’s what I deserve some say (Elon Musk 14° Cancer) – whatever is your value system, what makes you proud, what gives you a sense of being in lead – do that for earning money. It’s a must for you take pride in your source of income & assets. 14° Cancer or around 6 Jul born benefit most like Elon Musk

♌️ #Leo
Manifest a new you, it’s time. We have waited patiently for our moment & this is it. Time to shine, feeling proud in who we want to be, putting our best foot forward for spotlight is on us. Grand expression, Color, dance, drama, flair, boldness, enthusiasm, the cheer – coming month & your season has all of it. Step forward into your destiny – do your thing – lead – don’t follow. Blossom, yield results, express – no suppression no hiding no clouds. You will attract every eye on you as you zoom from water to fire & fixed consistent diligent fire. What do you want world to see in you – bring that out. Get support, take your ambition one notch up when it comes to your worldly status by being you without any inhibition. Do your own thing, others will follow. 14° Leo or around 6 Aug born benefit most like Mueller. Set goals which are bold – set a target for next 30 days – this is a manifestation trine – set expectations 23/24 Jul – take an initial step & see it grow at a speed in coming month.

♍️ #Virgo
Manifest peace, bed pleasure, rest, restoration, spirituality, self care, Long distance travel to learn – disengage if required from wider world to gain speed. Active dream life, diligently working towards your season in September. You are supported deeply, profoundly, spiritually as you free yourself from what doesn’t serve you, what’s got to end & where you can gain by going in deeper. These are karmic spiritual houses – they build our trust in destiny, in powers beyond us & tell us to trust our destiny – act with that faith & plant seeds of something beyond public eye to grow in coming month for your season. Seeding for birth on your birthday or your season. If past review has brought us face to face with few errors in our ways emotionally or where we block us – take this week to have a healthy new trend created where we shift our emotional responses to these same impulses.

This will feel deep, personal & impactful in a positive way – provided we hold our words for the time being – remember this is still under wraps for now – your ruler is retrograde, it’s not yet time to speak this discovery you make this week about you, your inner self & how to be more independent, free of addictions with more trust & faith. 14° Virgo or around 6 Sept born benefit most.

♎️ #Libra
Manifest a launch, a business network connection of significance, an online platform, a fan base, a supporter set of people who add to your shine in your work. Be visible be bold. Have a lucrative business discussion, breakthrough a tough business discussion, or a project that wasn’t lifting off the ground – this is aspect of getting stuff done that leads to a long term vision or dream come true. It’s a clear pathway to success to create what you would be proud of., your creation. Communicate share your ideas views hopes dreams with influential people, friends & your tribe. Your words can be very impactful – you can command leadership & speak important projects into existence, don’t back down. Don’t underestimate your ability, don’t compromise in name of being realistic. Take a lead, enamour, enchant, enliven with your natural charm – people want to hear from you.
14° Libra or 7 Oct born benefit most.

♏️ #Scorpio
Manifest career progress, formal titles, projects that use your creativity. Final lift off is achieved when it comes to visibility, work projects, authority approvals as we take care of business in practical and bold fashion – not taking no for an answer from ourselves & others. These are lucrative projects, they yield substantial monetary value & status with their manifestation. Charming those who need persuading, evolving from differences & blockages to find a firmer agreed ground is the theme. Ambitions are intensified, you intend to lead & lead you shall – just put one step in front of the other & see your ruler Mars unfold sucess in actions. Take the opportunity to act though, cause to reap rewards our initiative is a must here – “Ask and it’s given” – Ask is a big component of that – remember that. 14° Scorpio or around 6th Nov born benefit most

♐️ #Sagittarius
Manifest an adventure that makes you feel you again or more so fires you up -travel, publish, teach, legalise to a foreign country, expand your knowledge with on job training or a sabbatical, seek a mentor, wrap up a legal issue, deal with in laws positively. 23/24 is a grand trine in your positive karma houses – adding courage creativity to your ambitious actions – you do what you know will grow you on 25 Jul and achieve your ambitious plans when it comes to material progress. Take a step in terms of your future goals, no past discussions, no old remorse, no looking back to what has been – we are focusing on future here & a different one – manifestation power is high – positive thoughts, affirmations, actions are strongly advised as you are creating foundations of what you expect to build future upon now. Easy does it, it will feel natural, easy & meant to be – just as action should be for you. 14°Sagittarius or around 6 Dec born benefit most – faith in you is all you need here

♑️ #Capricorn
Manifest resolution on a joint situation – tough joint resources , loan, sponsorship, partnership, intimacy in personal partnership – proceeds of partnerships should be worked on & manifested. Whether that’s intimacy depth in personal relationships or monetary in business partnerships- its time to develop trust in that partnership, in your destiny & act towards what you deserve in a joint situation. Let go old emotional patterns here that you know aren’t you anymore, let fresh light in, don’t shy away from going deep as you transform your joint situation.
Make hay in bed with any signs of friction in personal relationships, I mean that’s one way to use the hot energy – that would be you. Get an assertive stand going in a power imbalanced situation. These are house of karmic endings so if something is ending its for your benefit – don’t hold on to old baggage, karmic debt or emotional patterns that drain you in joint partnerships. Around 14° Capricorn or 4 Jan born benefit most.

♒️ #Aquarius
Manifest a powerful partnership, a business partnership, a client, a one on one personal relationship you would be proud of. Get the oomph in existing partnerships to next level, share your life, communicate, express, create commercial & personal success in unison with a special one. Life’s too short to not get your requisite rewards – this person or partnership could be key to more abundance – join forces here. But stand up for yourself in a partnership, speak up – open,y & boldly, state what you want. It’s high likelihood you will get your way in joint situations, create acceptance of your ideas. Around 14° Aquarius or 4 Feb born benefit most

♓️ #Pisces
Manifest work project you have been waiting to create an impact on or in – get stuff done in a practical, bold & ambitious way to success. Bringing back order in life, in health, at work, with coworkers – any steps in this direction can be lucrative. It can be busy week but you are being assertive, getting stuff done without any hint of doubt, making sure your team is being led by a bold influential leader. It’s time to not wait anymore, to take effort required t9 get that project off the ground, get that diet in place – get a bright spot at work – your mind body connection s blessed here – actions productive & bold are met with peace of mind & health and vice versa. Result is a substantial success – not a metaphorical one. Around 14° Pisces or 5 Mar born benefit most.

Precaution Note – We can use 25-27 Jul Taurus Moon to firm things but know that Mercury is still retrograde till 31 Jul – when planet ruling business communication is in retrospective phase – we prefer to plan, review, absorb experiences versus formally commit to a choice as we are in discovery mode – in short hold off to August to sign on dotted line if you can – else use 26 Jul for relatively clear thinking. Recheck written & verbal communications for accuracy as we will be in a hurry.

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