24-25 Jun #Astrology #Horoscope In the fight between what’s real what’s not - what’s my illumination that Jupiter is trying to indicate & what’s Neptunian illusion - Venus throws in the heart today, emotions surge as Moon meets Neptune & makes a hard aspect to our heart chakra Venus. Our choices & our aspirations are at logger heads. The benefit though of mutable moon is we can adjust how we receive this choice, this conflict in our heart, about finances, about creativity. Conflict is between what Jupiter is currently showing us - our current knowledge, what we know we value now & Neptune our dreams our highest aspirations - what we might value more if we let ourselves go there. But this conflict of heart is what drives us, makes us ask for more than the current moment, Neptune is the apex of this mutable T Square - meaning the response is - compassion to our dreams, not ignoring our aspirations & just shooting them down - not calling them unreal & just illusions - just cause current reality doesn’t match the desire. They may be over the top but they are our dreams. We were born to dream, to commit stupid mistakes, fall in them & rise up again. One who isn’t disillusioned once never dreamed high enough. That’s the messaging of this mutable T square today. Going in eyes open about the risks we are taking though, makes sure it’s our choice, our terms & not deceit. Sleep on it if it overwhelms you - We will be all fire & fury & action tomorrow as Mercury will be in Leo & Moon in Aries - no stopping us tomorrow. And cause we are in mercury shadow period, Mercury just went invisible & this is a mutable aspect - we will possibly embellish, review & get more sure of our decision next month so nothing is getting cast in stone. [Link to detailed by sign video]( For each sign brief guidance if a choice is presented ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♈️ #Aries - Immediate commercial success or A leap of faith, travel, adventure, education, expansive career choices - there are no bad choices here but you have to choose what’s your calling / purpose. Intuition is your best guide. ♉️ #Taurus - joint financial matter, investment opportunity, should I go deeper into this relationship or stay on my own path is the choice - me vs us. You can’t compromise your power but joining forces, merging is a growth path for you. Try softer skills to sell your vision to your partners - they might surprise you ♊️ #Gemini - commit or to not commit to this contract, this partnership, this relationship, this new job - do I love it, does it value me - question to ask in my view is - does it make you more valuable, does it or they add to you, does this commitment sit in line with your desire to do something creative, non standard & inspirational ♋️ #Cancer - choices in how to respond to a coworker, a work environment which is hurting or compromising your health or wellbeing - what should I do ? I said in my monthly - this year each day is your birthday - you put you first in every single instance - it’s your year. But your expansion is in being a leader, being a guide to your team - take the high road in case of a conflict / disagreement / critic / competition. Showing compassion to a different point of view can shift a situation completely. ♌️ #Leo - choices of risk in our business / investment life or choice in our children’s life or choices in romance. But more importantly choice is whether to stick to what my network wants or what’s a social norm & make everyone happy or choose what I know to be my truth. What should I do ? What or who you are creating whether it’s your creative venture or child or child’s creativity is a labor of love & passion that would be a legacy that outlives you. Once you remind yourself that choice is obvious. Be your bold self & express your truth ♍️ #Virgo - so I made my house beautiful, my home looks cosy & family is smiling but is it enough or did giving my All to my family to my security to my inner world is compromising my career opportunities in some ways. How do I balance my love for my family, my need for security meaning in house versus ambition calls. Life happens when we are out of balance - express clearly with compassion & love to your partners your dilemma- they will surprise you with support ♎️ #Libra - I know the bigger picture of it but I don’t know if my choice of words or my paperwork, my negotiation skills will support my bigger vision. You are a born philosopher, people love your mind more than anything else, not saying your big ideas , not vocalising them, not publishing them with all its flair that it deserves is a waste of your brilliant mind. Use help of a coworker , your team to get the details in right format out or stick to softer sell versus getting too much into each Details but express, sell, talk, don’t hold back ♏️ #Scorpio My depths are mine to have & mine to explore - my gift as well as my bane, they float me they drown me, they give me meaning but people tell me my depth may not have worldly material value - is that true ? You were made to answer this question. No successful Scorpio is shallow - it’s not our core - so if something isn’t deep enough, isn’t soulful enough, isn’t ringing your bell, any amount of material price tag attached to that effort won’t make you happy. You know what to weed out, you know you need to take a few risks & what you attach value to is shifting. Emote create from depth, it’s pricessless, your depth is pricessless. ♐️ #Sagittarius I am not who I thought I was - I know that cause I am in a relationship or on a path or in a commitment I didn’t think I would ever be in but I am . I am in a commitment or committed to a path I didn’t think I would be on - is it right ? You are mutable, you are change, you are a wild fire which can’t be tamed - meaning the current path is “current” only, current commitment is what’s needed to grow you, open a new direction, a new life, a wider view of life for you. Give up the resistance, flow with the mutation life is showing you. We aren’t the best story teller, higher powers are - flow with the direction you are being taken to - don’t resist or try to control it. ♑️ #Capricorn I know I was meant to do something, I am forgetting what. What is it, ah yes I forgot to take care of myself & yet again I took the path of prioritising servicing my duties, my chores, my obligations to my coworkers, my work. Let someone pick a bit of your work, make a choice today, a conscious choice - to take care of yourself in someway & yes let a shoe drop, let someone realise - it can’t always be you & only you. Use the soft talk to seek true support from your immediate environment- you will be surprised they were only waiting to be asked. ♒️ #Aquarius Follow what I know is right or comply with social norm & make a Friend happy or a business person happy. Follow immediate benefits of taking an investment risk & gamble or invest for my future, for my bigger vision, for expanding my network & create my legacy. You know the answer cause your values are sacred & you know your growth is in being connected, grow with your network & bring your talents to wider audience in a format that they can easily absorb / understand. Choice is not always binary of compliance or defiance - you of all signs know how to guide a group towards your unique path ♓️ #Pisces It’s not my comfort zone, I know it’s not - it’s not what my parents did, it’s beyond my Budget, it’s beyond my security base or home or inner home. Do I still do it ? This is a year of go big or go home Pisces - keep your eyes open about the risks but once in a decade expansion in career would need you to make some tough decisions, most of which would be far from your security zone. That’s why Neptune has you fogged - as I said - sometimes to not be scared of walking on clouds, fog is important.