24-25 Jun Astrology Horoscope – In the fight between whats real whats not – whats my illumination amp whats illusion – Venus throws in the heart today, emotions surge as Moon meets Neptune amp makes a hard aspect to our heart chakra Venus posing a question – A Choice – what will you choose

24-25 Jun #Astrology #Horoscope

The benefit though of mutable moon is we can change how we receive this choice, this dispute in our heart, about finances, about creativity. Dispute is in between what Jupiter is currently showing us – our existing understanding, what we understand we worth now & & Neptune our dreams our highest aspirations – what we might value more if we let ourselves go there.

For each indication brief assistance if an option is provided.
♈ #Aries – Immediate commercial success or A leap of faith, travel, experience, education, extensive profession choices – there are no bad options here however you have to pick whats your calling/ function. Instinct is your best guide.

♊ #Gemini – devote or to not commit to this contract, this collaboration, this relationship, this brand-new job – do I love it, does it value me – concern to ask in my view is – does it make you more important, does it or they contribute to you, does this commitment sit in line with your desire to do something innovative, non basic & & inspirational.

♌ #Leo – options of threat in our business/ investment life or choice in our childrens life or choices in romance. Once you advise yourself that choice is obvious.

In the battle between whats real whats not – whats my illumination that Jupiter is trying to show & & whats Neptunian illusion – Venus includes the heart today, emotions surge as Moon fulfills Neptune & & makes a tough element to our heart chakra Venus.

Our options & & our goals are at logger heads.

♍ #Virgo – so I made my home stunning, my house looks cosy & & household is smiling but is it enough or did giving my All to my family to my security to my inner world is jeopardizing my career opportunities in some methods. How do I balance my love for my household, my requirement for security significance in house versus aspiration calls. Life happens when we run out balance – express clearly with empathy & & love to your partners your dilemma- they will surprise you with assistance.

♏ #Scorpio.
You were made to address this concern. No successful Scorpio is shallow – its not our core – so if something isnt deep enough, isnt soulful enough, isnt calling your bell, any amount of material price tag connected to that effort wont make you pleased.

[Link to detailed by sign video] (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvSvY3h-vAPU0qnXPJM32PA).

♉ #Taurus – joint monetary matter, investment opportunity, must I go deeper into this relationship or remain on my own path is the option – me vs us. You cant jeopardize your power but joining forces, combining is a development path for you. Attempt softer skills to offer your vision to your partners – they may shock you.

♎ #Libra – I know the bigger image of it but I dont understand if my option of words or my paperwork, my negotiation skills will support my larger vision. You are a born thinker, individuals like your mind more than anything else, not saying your concepts, not vocalising them, not releasing them with all its style that it deserves is a waste of your dazzling mind. Use help of a coworker, your group to get the details in best format out or adhere to softer sell versus getting excessive into each Details however express, offer, talk, do not hold back.

And trigger we remain in mercury shadow period, Mercury simply went undetectable & & this is a mutable element – we will potentially decorate, review & & get more sure of our choice next month so nothing is getting cast in stone.

One who isnt disillusioned when never dreamed high enough. Thats the messaging of this mutable T square today.

Sleep on it if it overwhelms you – We will be all fire & & fury & action tomorrow as Mercury will remain in Leo & & Moon in Aries – no stopping us tomorrow.

♋ #Cancer – options in how to react to a coworker, a work environment which is injuring or jeopardizing your health or health and wellbeing – what should I do? Your expansion is in being a leader, being a guide to your team – take the high road in case of a conflict/ dispute/ critic/ competitors.

♐ #Sagittarius.
I am not who I believed I was – I understand that cause I am in a relationship or on a course or in a commitment I didnt think I would ever be in but I am. You are mutable, you are modification, you are a wild fire which cant be tamed – suggesting the existing course is “present” only, present dedication is whats required to grow you, open a brand-new instructions, a new life, a larger view of life for you.

♓ #Pisces.
Its not my convenience zone, I understand its not – its not what my parents did, its beyond my Budget, its beyond my security base or house or inner home. This is a year of go huge or go home Pisces – keep your eyes open about the threats but when in a years growth in profession would need you to make some hard decisions, most of which would be far from your security zone.

♒ #Aquarius.
Choice is not always binary of compliance or defiance – you of all indications understand how to direct a group towards your distinct path.

♉ #Taurus – joint monetary matter, financial investment opportunity, ought to I go deeper into this relationship or remain on my own course is the option – me vs us. ♋ #Cancer – options in how to respond to a colleague, a work environment which is hurting or compromising your health or wellbeing – what should I do? ♌ #Leo – options of risk in our business/ financial investment life or option in our childrens life or options in love. ♎ #Libra – I know the larger picture of it but I do not understand if my choice of words or my documents, my negotiation skills will support my bigger vision. Option is not always binary of compliance or defiance – you of all signs know how to guide a group towards your unique path.

♑ #Capricorn.
I understand I was indicated to do something, I am forgetting what. Use the soft talk to look for true assistance from your instant environment- you will be surprised they were only waiting to be asked.

This dispute of heart is what drives us, makes us ask for more than the current minute, Neptune is the apex of this mutable T Square – indicating the response is – empathy to our dreams, not overlooking our goals & & simply shooting them down – not calling them unbelievable & & simply illusions – simply cause present reality doesnt match the desire. They may be over the leading however they are our dreams.

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