2nd house possessionsHere you can see which activities can help you gain wealth, as well as …

2nd house (possessions)☯️

◾Here you can see which activities can help you gain wealth, as well as see your relationship with finance, material possessions and even business partners.

◾The second house will help you choose the perfect gift for a friend, as most often that would be something material.

◾Preferences for the quality of things, food, even tidiness and love of order – all that can be seen through the planets in the 2nd house.

◾For example, it’s important to keep in mind that Mars in your second house gives you the ability to make money  in sports, as well as doing any physical and dangerous work. You might not be averse to trampling over others if that gets you things.

◾The aggressive planet in this house gives you purposefulness and energy, as well as a sense of struggle and impulsivity.
A woman with Mars in the 2nd house connected with the seventh house is likely to marry a rich husband.

◾The owner of Neptune can make good money, all the while complaining about not having any. The planet’s fluidity reflects on the way money is spent.
The connection of the second house with the tenth, in the presence of good planets, gives possibility for a quick and easy career growth, as well as early wealth.

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