4. MNEMOSYNE Inspiration The Myth Mnemosyne is the Titaness of memory and the daughter of Ga…

4. MNEMOSYNE 🦋 “Inspiration”
• The Myth •
Mnemosyne is the Titaness of memory and the daughter of Gaia and Uranus. She mated with Zeus and gave birth to the nine Muses, who are beings of inspiration. Their existence shows that when memory and divinity are combined it creates true inspiration.
• The Message •
Memories hold all that we know about life and ourselves…yet memory and actuality are often different. Actuality is the account of facts, while memory is about how we internalise these facts and how we have experienced our lives, neither being more true than the other.

The divine is the essence of life itself -the universal experience that binds us together- and exists both beyond and within ourselves. It is the consciousness of nature, the cycles of nature, life, death, truth and love.

When this universal essence blends with the inner realm of interpretation and experience (the personal reality), inspiration occurs. Symbols come to life, sound opens inner doorways and words become keys to unlocking the overwhelming experience of life.

If you have drawn this card then you are being touched by inspiration now. All that you have gathered from your life, as well as all that you feel from life, is awakening now. New worlds and opportunities are opening up within you.

Make sure you really feel what you are feeling now. All inspiration received at this time is coming from a divine place and speaks of a truth that is not only personal, but also universal. Write down ideas and follow them through. New possibilities are opening to you and you must grab this feeling by the reins and let it take you to new places. Nurture inspiration in your life, surround yourself with things that bring you to life. Spend time in nature, dance, be creative. Above all, listen to the whispers on the wind for they are leading you to go beyond the limits of all you’ve previously known.

📖 Mythic Oracle “Of The Ancient Greek Pantheon” (Guidebook)
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