5/6 July Astrology Horoscope & July Mercury Retrograde - 31 July New Moon Themes YOD formation - “The Finger of God” - Destiny steps in to remind us our life’s purpose Second meeting of Saturn & Ketu/South Node on 4th July, coincides with it making a YOD configuration with Moon in Leo & Neptune in Pisces. This is a brief yet powerful opportunity for guidance to be received on what are we here for, in no uncertain terms. And it’s not for nothing - the inspiration you receive on 5th/6th Jul - you will go back & forth during Mercury Retrograde period from 7-19 Jul leading to you creating it into reality with 31 Jul New Moon over August. So tune in. [Link to videos]( Saturn & South Node are helping us take off the shackles of the past. We can’t be the prisoner to our own old emotional patterns, we need to rewrite the rules of our life. A karmic weakness in our way of running our life which is breeding limitations has been shown to us. What would we do differently? Where did we say yes in the past where we should have said no ? We are setting new rules new boundaries of operating in our material world. Karmic debt is paid or received so we can move forward with a clean slate. Happy Independence Day! Freedom from past continues till their last meeting in September. This slate being made clean, has inspiration of a new tomorrow where Neptune has shown us a dream to be more. Neptune brings the height of creativity, walk in the cloud & Saturn brings its practical implementation - the two project their full force of desire on 5th July onto Moon imprinting a clarity of purpose on our soul. This is YOD configuration, this is The Finger of God reminding us of our Mission - pushing us back to our fated path if we have deviated away from it. Usually destiny intervenes on the date this happens with a fated event but Moon being the mode of communication here, it might be emotional event / feeling / expression. Under Leo Moon, we receive this clarity of laser beam in our most joyous moments, laughing playing with our children or like a child, singing, dancing, performing, creating, loving, doing what we enjoy the most, emoting, being on a stage, enjoying the child the love the creative within us. So pay attention to your emotions, your heart, your patterns on 5th & 6th - the universe whispers before it brings down the door. What are you here for ? You will be surprised but children being open vessels receive this the best - watch you child - where are they happy, what are they happy doing - huge amount of information revealed about their future in that one moment. “Sometimes a dream almost whispers… it never shouts. Very hard to hear. So you have to, every day of your lives, be ready to hear what whispers in your ear. ” - Steven Spielberg YOD is a Hebrew word meaning Hand or Pointing Finger - where is it pointing for your sign - let’s find out ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #Leo How and as what do you want to show up to the world. This is a flash of recognition of what brings you joy, what makes you feel like you, what helps you self express in an uninhibited way. The emotional reset today has clues that go deeper than surface - cause they will kick start a reconsideration period of what you want out of your next phase in life. Possibly the existing job / work environment isn’t letting your full potential to express itself. If you are not in a leadership role, if you aren’t uninhibited in your creative self expression - you can’t feel happy or confident. So you might decide to make certain changes in your life path. The flash realisation might dawn now of the gap between what you want and what’s the reality right now. #Cancer What investment idea, what asset, what talents which have material value are calling to you. You will be on a journey of financial review, of talent inventory as you are looking to enhance your material assets, possessions, talents, material resources. Your mind and emotions are directing you to an idea, to a new way , to a new talent that you want to put into physical form. Self worth & networth is in focus - good food, comfort, ease with your favourite assets / possessions, can open the gates to some creative ideas which you might review over coming days & put to practice early August to make additional money / feel more confident & happy. #Gemini You are who you think you are, that’s never been more true versus now. Your communication talents, your commercial instincts, your ability to market, media production, write, speak make you feel joyful, happy, confident. That’s where you excel and that’s what you take pride in. Today a fun conversation, an easy thought, a sibling discussion, a neighbourhood excursion, a coworker , a casual chit chat can open doors of a new idea that you might go over and over in the coming days leading to a launch in August of a written or verbal communication of influence that you can feel proud of. A small thought download today can become the commercial idea, the publication, the marketing strategy that you can lead with. #Taurus A real estate, a family business, a home/ family expansion idea, a place of living calls to you & makes you feel excited. Or just doing something out of your comfort zone where you are center stage in your home & family makes you feel excited. A new parenting idea or download received which you want to imbibe in your personal life might come through, while you are entertaining people a home or just having fun with family or friends who are like family. Home improvement ideas, ways to enhance value in real estate market or of an asset that you hold could also be in order. Next few days are spent in discussing this new idea or negotiating an asset or real estate or discussing home shifts or home improvements before its purchased or implemented in August. #Aries Your creativity, your joy, your child within or your first born, your passions are in focus here, cause you deserve all of this & more. So where is it all, you will find it in the simple moments, in easy moments how to access this part of you, for Saturn is pushing your buttons with tests. Sometimes that gives us discipline required to realise our talents, our resources, our strength, our confidence. Your creativity, your business venture, an investment idea, your children might be topic of discussions on next few days as Moon tonight tells you clearly you need to walk the path that brings you passion, joy & puts you in centrestage with you taking a few risks in your personal life & professional life. You go back & forth this month - then early August we take a plunge into taking this fall - a new chapter begins in our creative venture, in our child’s life, in romance - pure joy. Remember you are a Pioneer Sign, you are meant to do a few firsts. #Pisces Your work environment, your passion to serve & help those in need are in focus. You are the Sun at workplace from whom people draw energy but are you in that position which allows you to be all that. Are you your own boss, are you working on your terms, is your self expression uninhibited & appreciates in your life of work in your daily routines. If not you will review, you will reconsider & you will possibly change jobs, careers, coworkers, team members, work environments - your health will tell you if things aren’t in line - heart health, spine health are good gauge of whether you are going in the right direction or your potential is suppressed. August is a good time to make this change if you need to, for now be inspired, understand what you want, make a plan, make a blueprint of what you want & what kind of leadership brings you joy💕 #Aquarius Your partnership business or personal, the clients you cover, the people you work with one on one & who are critical part of you delivering your critical talents come into focus. Are you with the right people, or the equation right, are you able to shine with them or are your needs compromised causing your potential to be suppressed. All that shines is not gold, we are after gold. Reconsideration is in order on what connections & the mode of connecting with clients, partners, even critics - make you feel joyful, self confident & vital. You will get some clues by how you feel today & it will become the topic of discussion. Your partners life can become topic of discussion too but don’t forget where you stand in it. Don’t let your light be eclipsed as you try to help others. August will bring critical changes in life - right now you consider , reconsider what and how. #Capricorn Joint finances, intimacy, karmic debt & a transformation is in review & thoughts. Are you excited with those butterflies in your stomach with the person you share your life, is the intimacy all the fireworks you dreamt of, is the money from that partnership the fireworks you deserve, are you respected & honored and being given the apt returns of your partnerships. This give & take will be under review over the next couple of days with possibly an imbalance or dissatisfaction coming to light in a moment of ease today. A karmic release is in order & you might be evaluating to cut the ties or not when it comes to a partnership - personal or professional. From this crisis like thinking might come a new inspiration of rebirth - what do I want to be in my next life ? That becomes the topic of consideration & reconsideration during coming days with a final answer around 31 Jul. Money intimacy depth are your needs & you need them to shine & be the best - you won’t accept anything less. #Sagittarius Belief system, philosophy, purpose of life, foreign adventures - travel, legalisation, relocation - foreign partner, education are in focus. I believe I am more than my current situation & I know it my bones for I believe in more & my expansive belief system is my whole life. Interaction with a foreign person, reading something new, opens my mind to a new possibility - of travel, of education, of publication, of teaching, of relocation, of going in deep by taking a leap of faith with a person different from me. This is a leap that feels natural, that feels like the next step in my life but next few days you will go back & forth to flush out the details of it. Expansion of mind & life is the aim - once you know you can be more you won’t settle for less. You know today in no uncertain terms that you can be more so you would ask for it. August gives the opportunity to take that leap when you can jump in with both feet ! Exciting ! #Scorpio Career, life path, social status, leadership style is under review. I have a talent, I know it & I can’t hide anymore - I need to ace it, display it, be the boss of it, lead it, champion it. You are pregnant with an idea which you want to pop into a new business, into a new career, into a new leadership position. You don’t want to run your life on another’s terms anymore, you are the executive, you are a leader, you have a fire within you which needs a stage to present on. So you review what kind of platform serves you well as you review your life path in coming days. Today you get a clarity on what’s the path? for it excites you, it makes you feel vital, it makes you feel like the Sun & not inhibited not blocked - it flows & burns & illuminates your whole being when you do what you love. And you will know it in your bones what you love. Planning for it, practicality of it becomes focus of next few days. August bring the chance to start a new chapter in your life path. #Libra Networking, meeting friends that illuminate excite you, will give you a new vision of life - a new goal, a new big wealth idea strikes in the easy moments of clinking wine glasses & easy chats with friends & business associates. It sounds exciting, it sounds fun, it has potential to be your next inspiration. It could have an impact on a large set of people if you are able to launch it - it can become a fad or it can have mass acceptance & benefit - You will go over it for next few days before you launch it. You might decide to shift who you friends with as well or who you associate with - as your network is your source of joy & if it’s stale you don’t want to connect anymore. Who is exciting you today, did an inspirational idea or dream come out of a conversation or connection - those would be the questions for today. #Virgo In a period of relaxation, meditation, downtime, away from the crowd or on a Long distance travel - something might be made clear to you. You feel you want to do a self less act that gives you joy, that’s healing for others, that heals you too when you do it, that feels like destiny, it pulls you, gives you joy even thinking about it, that’s your clue. Next few days you will think about it under covers, in bed, behind the scene without any pomp and show cause that’s not your style. Creativity or charity or spirituality are in focus & you might look to end a few chapters which don’t bring you joy & satisfaction. Next few days you think of the how & August is a good time for you to serve, heal, finalise this inspired creation💫