60s, 90s, and the upcoming 20s

Heres something Ive been believing about for a while and was wondering what you all thought of this. Now, remember, Im speaking in generalities and I do not understand much about astrology however Ive seen some parallels in between the 60s and 90s. Im at work today and do not have a whole lot of time so Ive attempted to be as brief as possible and still understand throughout.

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Total culture altered a lot in the 1960s. There was the increase of Counterculture, a strong Anti-War motion, advances in Social and Civil Rights, innovation and science was making terrific strides and, of music, art and course was forever changed.

In the 90s, we saw the increase of the Internet and advanced technology, Counterculture ended up being cool once again, LGBT groups began to be more accepted, music and entertainment altered again.

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If you forecast backwards (from the 60s to the 30s) you might say the 30s saw a great deal of extreme modifications, most notably, the start of WW2.

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I understand that things are always altering however it seems like every 30 years or so there are some quite major shifts in consciousness that occur and have long term repercussions. Is there any astrological factor for this or am I simply seeing what I desire to see?

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