7-11 August – Under the first quarter moon amp the last in decade meeting of Sun in Leo amp Jupiter in Sagittarius, we begin to grow the seeds planted by the New Moon in Leo. Energy, confidence, vitality rise as we are given a strong guidance amp a sense of support as Jupiter turns direct from 11 August

7-11 August #Astrology #Horoscope

Under the first quarter moon & the last in decade meeting of Sun in Leo & Jupiter in Sagittarius, we begin to grow the seeds planted by the New Moon in Leo. Energy, confidence, vitality rise as we are given a strong guidance to start new – with a sense of support that’s about to be given to us mentally, physically & materially as Jupiter turns direct from 11 August.

It’s a revolutionary rise & it’s only the start. First gift is illumination from within – the knowing of what we truly want to pursue notwithstanding the hindrances, resistance, doubts, chaos we face cause Leo is fixed fire that burns through any obstacle through sheer will & desire of the heart.

It’s soul’s growth enlightenment – where our next growth chapter is, how we want our ambition to unfold, what steps we need to take, what doors we need to knock & more importantly what’s our unique journey of which we are the leader – what’s our masterpiece – what do we wish to perfect & deliver – what makes our heart break all barriers all glass ceilings – what’s the true hearts desire. It’s the time we come out of darkness as Guru – Jupiter illuminates our path.

We straddle the wall of catabolic action & creative intensity for there is an urgency to deliver our life’s best work. These 3-4 days of good cheer ease us into clarity as Jupiter touches our mind, body & heart illuminating us from within.

Travel, study, read, write, interact with people different from you, find your mentor, a guru, seek support for your ambition, influence boldly, expand your outlook & mind in best possible way – do all you can do to activate Jupiter’s energy in your life – the Guru – the teacher, the end of darkness & the beginning of doors opening.

Review Leo New Moon themes for your rising/sun/moon sign as that’s where our first doors open – where we have opportunity right now to breakthrough. [Link to video for each sign](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLv3tUTLu8-MT9MHp0tw6kgV1dB0Cq65MF)


♌️ #Leo
Your self identity, how do you want to show up in the world, your external identity, your body, who you are when it comes to your physical reality – your personality. Jupiter meeting Sun in your sign illuminates your “I am” – the awakening of who you are, faith in your unique gifts, your unique self expression, your unique personality – enabling you to take a chance on you. It’s a rebirth of your self identity, your physical body, of the very frame of your life as you look at yourself, your own identity in a different way. Life’s too short to not be all you can be unapologetically – A Lion can’t live happily in skin of a sheep, that fact is made clear to you. Jupiter expands your ambition, self love & confidence giving you impetus to be all you can be, to deliver your God given gifts without hesitation. Release your internal resistance, your own doubts & need for security as your foundations, your family, your home, your sense of security needs to shift in line with your new identity.

♋️ #Cancer
Self worth, networth, material resources, values. Jupiter illuminates from within helping you understand your value & true worth of your talents so you can claim your rightful share of material resources. The shift in perspective makes all the difference in how you go about creating material value from your talents & you ask for more as you deserve more. Gates of abundance open with this illumination – take the first step – invest, Ask for a raise, start a new source of income, start working on a skill set that you know will generate more material resources for you, start investing in you – your body, your talents more than ever before. Faith in your skills, confidence is who you are is boosted as we move boldly towards more abundance inside out.

♊️ #Gemini
Communication & commercial skills, sales, marketing or communication project, short travels. Jupiter illuminates your mind, your words – infusing faith, positivity, impact in your speech – internal & external. It’s time to open yourself up to more people, to learn from them, to interact with them, open the flood gates of words & new knowledge . Socialise be out & about, share your ideas, negotiate, sell, write, take short trips – get your messaging out & get an expansive messaging out. Positive messages are received & given under this influence as your courage & belief in your own skills is boosted. Immediate environment at home & work becomes pleasant & easier to navigate through.

♉️ #Taurus
Home, family, inner world, support system. Jupiter illuminates your foundations, reinforcing replenishing sense of security, refueling you from within through a positive new phase in home, family, emotional wellbeing. Taking a few steps to make things more positive with family, enhancing value of real estate or buying new one or relocation can turn into a very expansive & positive experience. Entertain at home, spend time with family, friends, parent, start a new phase in parenting – see your inner life grow to support you more than ever.

♈️ #Aries
Joy, creativity, passions, love, romance, children, Creative pursuits & business risk. Jupiter illuminates your passions prompting you to take more risk in your personal & professional life. Starting new creative venture, new chapter in life of your child, taking more investment risk, going for a passionate romance, enjoying yourself like a child – all of this are supported & encouraged as you see tide of positive karma & luck turning towards around for you. It’s time to have a little bit of fun 💕

♓️ #Pisces
Work environment & health routines. Jupiter illuminates your house of work, opening new expansive opportunities of work through new projects or new job offer or new team – you feel supported in this work environment as you look to work on projects that you could be proud of & possibly lead in. You are an independent self driven worker who likes to do unique projects & bring creativity in daily life – you shift your work environment to be in line with your desires. Ask what you need at work & initiate concrete bold steps in that direction. Health shifts initiated now can be very beneficial.

♒️ #Aquarius
Commitment , contract – personal or professional. Jupiter opens the gates to a new contract, client or committed partnership or a new phase in your existing commitment. The new partnership can be exciting, Creative, bold & visible taking you to places your heart desires to go professionally & personally. This is a critical moment – sharing your life & ideas with others especially in one on one partnerships, putting yourself out there both in professional & personal partnerships boldly, negotiating, presenting to clients, initiating a new Creative contract, handling your critics in a bold way – are all supported under this aspect.

♑️ #Capricorn
Proceeds of partnership, healing, Phoenix moment. Jupiter illuminates your transformation, it supports you coming out of a phase of imbalance to one of boldly asking for what you need in joint relationships/ partnerships both personal & financial. Detoxing your life, body, mind to move to a more positive, expansive & healed place is supported under this aspect. Being out in the sun with your loved ones, with children, doing what you love, creatively expressing yourself helps heal you, especially if past few months have felt hard on health. Aspect supports having a constructive discussion & steps to manage imbalance in partnerships where the proceeds of the relationship in intimacy & finances, don’t match your efforts. This is a phase of healing & return to power, vitality & vigor. Detox.

♐️ #Sagittarius
Adventure, travel, education, publication, legalisation, leap of faith. All the things you love & are – your ruler Jupiter illuminates & supports. It wants your faith to be embolden for you to take the leap you have been waiting to take. Aspect supports travel for a purpose, expanding your mind through higher education/ on job training / interaction with foreign people or people of different walks of life / publication of substantial impact / teaching / finding a mentor / finding a new purpose, new meaning to life. As life opens up in dramatic & surprising ways, this aspect gives the requisite jumping ground to allow you to leave any hesitation in proceeding forward onto a more adventurous journey. Leaps & bounds ahead!

♏️ #Scorpio
Career, public image, authority. Jupiter illuminates your life path, the knowing as to what you want to be in the world & the tools to achieve it. First step is knowing in no uncertain terms what you are aiming for & with support of Jupiter this month new avenues open which are in line with who you are as a leader, as a professional, as a creative person who likes to give it all with all their heart to what they do. Lead & not follow, be in the light, ask for what you need in your career, take a bold career move, discuss your promotion, your next step with the authorities or better go in independent as much as you can leading your own charge is supported right now. Light is on you & in your mind & heart you know impending shifts are here finally.

♎️ #Libra
Friends, social network, vision of big wealth. Jupiter illuminates what’s your Long term vision in life & who is going on that journey with you as you start a new phase in your social network, social status, presence in business network. Initiating bold steps to launch something at wider scale, breaking through a business network of influence, breaking through a friendship, forming new circle of people with common goals who support you in this journey or your own fan base, feeling inspired with a new dream or idea which helps you create your legacy / big wealthier all supported here. We could make some very fruitful, fulfilling friends & business contacts here so put yourself out there, socialise, network & feel the inspiration rife in the air.

♍️ #Virgo
Regeneration, Long distance travel, behind the scenes activity. Jupiter illuminates your karmic release house which moves you out of old situation & propels you into the light in your season. But for now it’s better to keep matters wrap under covers as you perfect what you are proudly working on behind the scenes. Healing, regeneration, faith, service to others,charity & taking a private moment through Long distance travel or just being away from the busy energy – helps you achieve what you want ahead of your brand new start end of August.

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