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7/5 messages for the collective: . ❌: There is matter in which you and your person are protecting your heart. And making mind over heart decisions. There is, however, a very deep connection here. You can tell by the 4 of rings that although the hands are at a distance from each other, there is still a longing for each other. You've both have just been through so much. They'd like to confirm for those in separation, reunion is coming. . 🔥: After a period of stagnation, the universe has granted you the rod of inspiration and action to start moving forward as told by the King of Rods. I'm getting writers, authors, etc with this card. Whether you're starting a book or have been working on one. You have the inspiration and the will power to start or continue. Happy writing! . ⚖️: The eclipse has ended the balancing act of karmatic debt for a particular group of you. You are now back at square one. So, continue to do good and be mindful of your actions. . 🌹: There is a group of you that have been single for a minute now. You've done an amazing job working on you and what's best for you. Giving the same amount of love to yourself as you given to others, if not more. You're doing a great job. This type of work is bringing in a very strong suitor for you, getting soulmate level relationship. . Donations of any amount are eternally appreciated, you may donate if you'd like at . . ♥️♥️♥️ . #tarot #tarotdeck #tarotcards #tarotreading #tarotspread #tarottribe #tarotscope #tarotlover #tarotdaily #tarotcard #tarotlove #messagesfortheday #aries #leo #capricorn #libra #virgo #gemini #cancer #scorpio #pisces #taurus #virgo #aquarius