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8️⃣ Next in our series of lessons for each of the 12 astrological houses is the 8th house. The 8th house rules the following: Other people’s money that you are involved with. The “sugar baby” & “sugar daddy” house. Inheritance. Taxes. Debt. Your credit score. Surgery, many surgeons have placements here. Death. The occult. Astrology. Witchcraft. Deep, passionate love making sex/soul mate sex, (not casual sex which the 5th house rules). Emotional depth & intensity. The 8th house is commonly known as the house that rules sex & death, but what many people don’t realize, is that the 8th house is one of the big MONEY 💰 houses. It’s deeply connected to financial wealth. Whether you will have an excellent credit score, horrible credit, overwhelming debt, no debt at all, marry rich, or be burdened by being financially responsible for others is all strongly linked to the condition of your 8th house. Many sugar daddies & sugar babies have strong 8th house placements. Drowning in student loan debt? Check your 8th house. Burdened with being financially responsible for your parents and family? Unexpectedly inherited a large life insurance policy? Check your 8th house. Many people born into rich families, especially royalty, have strong 8th house placements. Check your 8th house. The 8th house is naturally ruled by Pluto & Mars, and the sign Scorpio. If your 8th house is empty, then you will need to look for the ruler of the sign that rules your 8th house to see where it lands. It’s position and condition will tell you about your 8th house matters. Stay tuned for House 9! #astrology #houseeight #eighthhouse #house8 #8thhouse #astrology8thhouse #astrologyhouse8 #astrologyhouseeight #astrolessons #astrologylessons #zodiac #zodiaclessons #astrologer #astrolessons #astrologersofInstagram #astromemes #zodiacmemes #sunin8thhouse #jupiterin8thhouse #saturnin8thhouse #Scorpio #Mars #astro8thhouse #astrohouse8 #houserulerships #pluto