A New Moon in 4 Scorpio tomorrow 1027 1030pm CST brings new information to the surface. The New…

Listen to the brand-new direction you desire to take with the 10/27 New Moon and be prepared seed your wishes, no matter how eccentric they may appear (tomorrow 10/17 after 10:38 pm CST).
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A New Moon in 4 ° Scorpio (tomorrow 10/27 10:30 pm CST) brings brand-new info to the surface area. The New Moon trines the North Node, a karmic point of destiny. Follow your heart to the closest coffeehouse, or any place youre feeling pulled – its one of those times when you can end up at the right place at the ideal time.
Pay attention to who calls, texts, and reveals up. The New Moon opposes Uranus, suggesting blended messages in your emotional circuitry. Keep asking yourself: How does this make me feel? How do I truly feel about this?

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