A personal take on 2021 and the Age of Aquarius.

**I have been corrected that this is NOT an age of Aquarius, sorry for the misinformation! This is merely a prediction for 2021, I would argue moves beyond astrology. Just what this year’s (and this year only) Aquarius energy will entail for people.**

This could get ranty.

We all know what Aquarius stands for. Rebellion, progress, innovation, technology, individuality.

Aquarius is a waterbearer. According to Jung, a 20th century psychoanalyst and physiatrist (who also studied astrology!) this new short period of time will be about the coming of heads of humanity’s most powerful forces: faith vs technology, spirituality vs science. The Earth is about to have a major showdown between these entities, and it is up to US to find a balance.

If any of you are unfamiliar with shadow work, now is the best time to invest your energy not on politics, not on social media memes, but yourself. Understand your demons, embrace them with a kiss and transform them. This new era calls on every single one of us to expand our awareness and consciousness to a whole new level. Political turmoil is inevitable. It is your choice to invest your energy into that or not.

Some may take this new age as a gateway to selfishness. Have we not already seen a disconnect from one other, even before this global crisis? Personally, I’ve noticed a difficulty in finding genuine people, not because people have lost their souls, but they are too overprotective of them. This is a common theme with Capricorn, although Aquarius does not strive far off from the concepts of individuality for the sake of egotistical isolationism. I sense the majority of people will become very individualistic. Everyone for themselves. Being individualistic is extremely heathy, but intention is important! The world will split into two groups: Those who are individualistic for selfish reasons, and those who focus on themselves for the betterment of society at large. For if you seek to help the world, or yourself, what will sitting and consuming all this negative content do for us? What will binging hours of useless media do for us? I see a great change of the tides, where people will start to invest more energy into themselves. This is why shadow work is important, to ensure we are well intended and that when we DO go out and make an impact on the world, it is net positive.

Be aware of the technology you use within this next year. The information you collect is just as impactful, if not more impactful, on your energy as the food you eat or music you listen to. Saturn Square Uranus will surely split us into two groups. Those who give in to all the technological advances for the sake of an “easier life” and those who will find the balance and understand technology is one thing and one thing only: a TOOL. It is necessary that we become aware of how information can effect us, how much time we invest on hedonistic pleasures that are unfulfilling, and so on. An age of individuality is upon us. Will you use it to hold on to close minded ideals, or expand your world view? Will you develop new routines and expand them into projects for your community, or will you detach from others and build bad habits? The choice is yours. The stars gave you a hand of cards, it is up to you how you use them. Good luck.

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