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A Tarot reading for the collective - New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer πŸŒ™ If there are aspects of your life that have you feeling like the figure dancing on the balloon, prepare for those aspects to fall away pretty rapidly. Eclipse season is upon us and many of us are feeling its intense, transformational energy in abundance! πŸŒ™ Tonight’s New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer acts as a portal for new beginnings. Exciting as this sounds, the truth is that often these moments of pure potential come disguised as painful endings. Parts of ourselves that we have denied or kept hidden are being invited into the light now. Our protective shells are being cracked for our own good, so that we may find a way to express our vulnerabilities with courage and with honesty. πŸŒ™ The Stress card invites us to stop trying so hard to be someone that we are not. To stop doing something that doesn’t make our heart sing. It invites us to stop expending our energy on people, places and things that do not support our growth. πŸŒ™ Let it all go - even just for ten breaths. Close your eyes. Let the plates stop spinning, let the song and dance halt for a moment, find the still point. And when you open your eyes again, take stock and see just what it is you actually want to pick back up and carry on with. What kind of song you want to sing, which way it is that you want to move. πŸŒ™ The Maturity card shows us that now is a potent opportunity to root deeper into the truth of our being. This is an opportunity for you to learn a lesson, complete a cycle and close a chapter with grace and with maturity. In doing so you will weave a deeper relationship with your highest Self. πŸŒ™ As powerful astrology continues to shift the tectonic plates of our lives, the invitation is to surrender that which no longer serves you so that you may move into a new phase of your evolution with all your energy reclaimed and at your own disposal. πŸŒ™ New Moon blessings πŸ™πŸΎ