Advice for life direction according to numbers Life Path 1, Destiny 8, Birthday 3, Personality 7, Soul 1

In fact im in fact interested on working and being a developer on big technology tasks, however rather of studying something like Engineering i choose Physics due to being the first causes of nature and since i wish to support my philosophical world of idea, and understand truth in its essence.

I have some doubts after reading my numerology numbers, i have actually seen that its a common pattern that people accept their fate and end being influenced by it.

I believe the numbers point more to being an entrepeneur (8 ), independent (1) and innovative (3) visionary associated to technology and intellectual aspects (7 ).
I have actually discovered that im a magnet for success but in fact its paradoxical because im a reflective not materialistic person, so its kind of a circumstance of accepting my destiny while following my own path and story.

My interest remains in the deep essence of things, in the first causes and principles.
Is my life direction adequate according to numbers? Or should i dedicate more to the entrepeneur side instead of the philosophical one?
Im interested in both, but first i wish to establish the philosophical one (studying Physics) and then be an entrepeneur developing new innovations.


The following are my numbers
Life course: 1
Destiny: 8
Birthday: 3
Soul: 1
Character: 7

Truthfully i do not feel related to my Destiny number, im a lot more like an applicant of fact, i plan on studying Physics and accquire a much deeper understanding of reality, i have gift for mathematics and philosophy, im likewise a really focused person, with strong instinct and have a tendency to conceive whatever and reside in my own head.
This is how i see myself, however according to numbers, the story is different.

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