Air Signs 2 of Swords With any twos in Tarot this week is about balance and choices. You are bl…

Air Signs: *2 of Swords: With any two’s in Tarot this week is about balance and choices. You are blindfolded and you do not know which way to go. You are in the middle of conflict and just do not know what way to go. Is it that you do not know, or you do not want to know? Have you looked inside yourself for answers? Most of our solutions are with in us but we are so programmed to ask others for help with making decisions that we give up our own power of intuition to make decisions. Pray and meditate this week and look within yourself for these answers. You will take your own blindfold off and make your decisions.

Give your relationship a chance: It is as simple as it sounds. If it matters to you then work on it. Compromise and make it work. However, only do this if this honors your truth and your heart.
Inner Passion: What sets your soul on fire? Where is your passion? Have you lost track of it? This week find the passion. If you are connected to your passion then great!!! This is a confirmation that this is going well! That you are on the right path and being supported.

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