I see many asking on here "What does this/these number/s mean" Then for only to told this your life path number, or its your angles or angelic number and a link. I can only guess many turn here in a bid to find a deeper meaning than the already hundreds of similar search results with the same vain of thread that connects them, Often a pink/purple new age cheap looking website that's just copied the text from another, glossing over and empathizes only the "good" aspects of any given number. So to come here and be told the same thing...infuriating yeah. Lets not kid ourselves for moment here, numbers hold huge significant importance to an individual so as well meaning as others may be in their efforts to assist, it comes as an insult to ones intelligence to be fobbed off by being told everything is great because x number means this, that and the other and angel X-Y-Z are watching over you. This is a dangerous assumption and answer to make for the individual inquiring. Because of the many functions of the numbers, it is often initially alerting the individual something needs addressing and NOT a sign that they are in peace or in alignment that so many are keen to emphasize. As numbers are both positive and negative with respect to their frequency and summation of them in an individuals life, I have compiled a list of some meaning of numbers for the seeker to see both aspects of the numbers. For instance, 1+2+3+4=10 and from only these four numbers, 5,6,7,8,9,10 are produced. But really its all the work of #1 times himself 4fold. Four are the classic elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air. Ruling over the 12 Zodiac Signs, the 4, thus 10 is completion/perfection in the decimal system and 12 meaning perfection in Hebrew Systems. 1. Symbolizes manifestation, assertion, the positive and active principle. It stands for the Logos, the manifestation of the Infinite and Unmanifest. It represents the ego, self-assertion, positivism, egotism, separateness, self hood, isolation, distinction self-reliance, dignity, and rulership. In a religious sense, it symbolizes the Lord. In a philosophical and scientific sense, the synthesis and fundamental unity of things. In a material sense, the unit of life, the individual. It is the 0 made manifest. It is the symbol of the Sun. 2. The number of antithesis; also of witness and confirmation. The binomial, as plus and minus, active and passive, male and female, positive and negative, profit and loss, etc. It stands for the dualism of manifested life – God and Nature, Spirit and Matter, and their relationships. It denotes agreement, also separation, the law of alternation, subject and object, reflection. As uniting in itself opposite terms and principles, it denotes creation, production, fruition, combination. Primarily the two conditions, the manifest and the unmanifest, the explicit and the implicit. The symbol of the Moon. 3. The trilogy; the trinity of life, substance, and intelligence, of force, matter, and consciousness Creation, preservation, and resolution. The family –father, mother, and child. The three dimensions. The three postulates – the thinker, the thought, and the thing. Duality reflected in consciousness, as in time and space, making a trinity of states, as the past, present, and future; therefore, extension of the self; the self-extensive faculty; volition; procedure; penetration. The symbol of Mars. 4. The number of reality and concretion. The material universe. The cube or square. Physical laws; logic; reason. Appearance, physiognomy, science. Cognition by perception, experience, knowledge. The cross, segmentation, partition, order, classification. The swastika, the wheel of the law, sequence, enumeration. The intellect; consciousness, as discerning between the spiritual and material, the noumenal and phenomenal worlds, represented by the higher and lower triad. Hence discernment, discretion, relativity. The symbol of Mercury. 5. Expansion is represented by this number. Inclusiveness, comprehension, understanding, judgement. Increase, fecundity, propagation. Justice, reaping, harvesting. Reproduction of self in the material world, fatherhood, rewards and punishments. The seed-fruit or pomegranate, multiplication. The symbol of Jupiter. 6. The number of co-operation. Marriage, interlacing, a link, connection. Reciprocal action, counterpoise. The interaction of the spiritual and material, the mental and the physical in man, the psyche, psychology, divination, communion, sympathy. Psychism, telepathy, psychometry. Alchemy. Conversion. Concord, harmony, peace, satisfaction. Goodness, beauty and truth, as tested by harmony. Attainment, restitution. Intercourse, reciprocity. Connubiality, the relations of the sexes. The symbol of Venus. 7. The number of completion. Time and space. Duration, distance. Old age, decadence, death, or endurance, stability, immortality. The seven ages, days of the week, etc. The seven seals, principles in man, notes and colors. The triad and quaternary; the perfect man, Adam Kadmon; the cycle of evolution; wisdom, perfection, equipoise, balance, rest. The symbol of Saturn. 8. The number of dissolution. It denotes the law of cyclic evolution, the breaking back of the natural to the spiritual. Reaction, revolution, fracture, rupture, disintegration, segregation, decomposition, anarchism. Lesion, separation, divorce. Inspiration following respiration, afflatus, genius, invention. Deflection, eccentricity, waywardness, aberration, madness. The symbol of Uranus. 9. The number of regeneration. A new birth. Spirituality, sense-extension, premonition, going forth, voyaging. Telaesthesia, dreaming, clairvoyance, clairaudience. Reformation, nebulosity, pulsation, rhythm; reaching out, extension, publication; archery, prediction, revelation; a thought-wave, apparition, wraith, mist, cloud, obscurity, exile, mystery. The symbol of Neptune. These are some of the links in the almost endless chain of associated ideas centring about the nine digits and the cipher. In some systems of interpretation, the cypher is put last, so that the first and last are brought together to form 10, the perfect number in the decimal system; but in the Hebrew scheme, the number 12 has that distinction, being the product of 3 into 4, as 7, another sacred number, is their sum. The foregoing interpretation of the numbers is applied to the unit value of any number, as 731 = 11 = 2, in which 2 is the unit value. Thus all numbers have final reference to one of the nine digits. The following Minor Key to the interpretation of numbers may prove useful, being in many respects more concise and easier of application than the foregoing:- In this system – 1. Denotes individuality and possible egotism, self-reliance, affirmation, distinction. 2. Relationship, psychic attraction, emotion, sympathy or antipathy, doubt, vacillation. 3. Expansion, increase, intellectual capacity, riches and success. 4. Realization, property, possession, credit and position, materiality. 5. Reason, logic, ethics, traveling, commerce, utility. 6. Co-operation, marriage, reciprocity, sympathy, play, art, music, dancing. 7. Equilibrium, contracts, agreements, treaties, bargains, harmony or discord. 8. Reconstruction, death, negation, decay, loss, extinction, going out. 9. Penetration, strife, energy, enterprise, dividing, anger, keenness. In this scheme the answering planets are respectively – 1. The Sun (Positive) 2. The Moon (New) 3. Jupiter 4. The Earth or (Sun-Negative) 5. Mercury. 6. Venus 7. The Moon (Full) 8. Saturn 9. Mars