Hi everyone! My name is Esra, born 23rd of May 1990, Gemini as fuck, have been into spiritual practices since childhood but never really realising this until these past few years. Recently, after performing as a spoken word artist, someone approached me about numerology, calculated my life path --> 29/11. She was a 29/11 as well, our minds were blown. She urged me to study numerology and I have been doing this the past days, calculating everything by using Matthew Olive Goodwin's books. I am 29 now and I do feel like big things are about to happen. I am having so many revelations about my parents (my mom is a 29/11 as well and we have never been close. SHE GIVES ME SO MUCH ANXIETY. Vice versa I believe.) I want to know more about this specific life path and to connect to other 29/11's to talk about your struggles or insights. ​ <3