April to November 2020 – Jupiter Pluto Heliocentric conjunction amp What to expect from the Stormy Summer of Eclipses

April to November 2020 – Jupiter Pluto Conjunction

The Summer of Stormy Eclipses

“Chipping around, kick my brains around the floor, These are the days it never rains but it pours” …
~ Under Pressure

It’s like David Bowie had seen the future we live today. It’s the title song of my Aries season as this Jupiter Pluto conjunction starts playing it’s tangible role meeting Sun and Mercury till 25/26 April in harsh aspect with Pluto standing still at its full potency about to go retrograde on 25th April.

Can you feel the pressure ? Everyone can … from pressure come truth bombs & real growth, so let’s see what comes out of this for us. We will go into each sign as usual in part 2 of this post but let’s get clear on what it is cause there is an astrological aspect soup in the Sky right now.

I apologise this report was tough to write & I am sure it will be tough to hear, I rarely post these kind of reports. But looking at expectations for global events we would see how at an individual level we can contribute to growth that comes through this crisis and hopefully together we see deeper meaning of what’s about to come.

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Jupiter meets Pluto every 12.5 years like any outer planets meeting in their path around Sun (synod) – this meeting defines global events but especially economic events.

Economic events have been historically clearly linked with this cycle, the conjunction being catalyst for growth that comes through popping of a bubble – truth coming to light, draining fake accomplishments & then becoming catalysts of growth away from previous cycle, away from our comfort zone. I had written about this in the 2020 introduction note along with the 12 Jan event on New Years – the note is pinned on [the Facebook page](https://www.facebook.com/595133057621535/posts/770204786781027/?d=n) for you to see sign specific focus of this aspect.

I had mentioned both US shifting it’s stance on severity of virus before the spread & further emphasise on economic crisis in my March note.

Do see April video if you haven’t on views of upcoming aspects on timelines of year ahead.

While these two planets will meet three times between April to November- the heliocentric meeting of 31 July will reflect a clear transition of global events. This would be critical moment in economy & a marker of financial markets bubble popping. First meeting which is in April usually stokes ambition and even greed – we see corporations & markets take a bullish outlook and stoke the bubble expanding it bigger. Seeds are sown of growth but with objective to gain power over resources by a few – rich become riche essentially & social disparity grows. At personal level despite the obvious signs, we try to gain growth & more control over the life that’s over – life as we know is shifted so we must look to reinvent our growth channels putting seeds of new way of doing things versus sticking to doing what we have been doing. The things that used to make us feel in power & control won’t appeal to us anymore – definition of growth will be reinvented in our individual capacities.

Central banks throwing money at the problem for example fuelling the junk bubble of large corporates & defunct industries is lower manifestation. We will see unfounded optimism on old crutches in markets possibly in May due to that. Instead of working on evolution to new way of growth.

This all goes out of the window in summer when it becomes starkly clear that it isn’t going to function for future – second meeting geocentrically is on 30th June, smack in middle of eclipse Seasons and right after Venus Retrograde when Goddess of love transforms to Goddess of war. Truth has no way to hide. Mars would have just entered Aries then and clashed with the karmic nodes (26/27 June) springing us into action cause we have just seen the gap between what we truly want and what we are getting with Venus Retrograde – at individual level we would want to rage a war to change the course of life – it will be a summer of people totally shifting what they do & who they want to become and ofcourse of shifts in post quarantine relationships.

This second meeting usually comes with a crisis of faith, belief & question – is this worth it ? A stark u turn.

This period in June we would see loss of faith in leadership, it will be time of failure of leaders & resignations, people’s opinion of the heads of companies and administration will shift enormously as possibly how many have been benefiting from the crisis will be revealed & power hungry identities will be brought to light. This period can be marked with severe storms & accidents as well especially transport or airline related.

Pluto rules oil & the few rich elite with power and money – the mafia elite or real. Jupiter rules airline, trade & education industry and we have already seen that bubble burst of artificial high prices in oil and industry coming to a crashing halt but we are trying to still live the same way by strengthening the oil cartel and bandaging airline industry and pretending that trade truce exists. We would see another round of crash in June July when the leaders will move back on their economic promises during Venus Retrograde in first ten days of June. We could see the oil cartel walk back on their promises at the time – as well as trade treaties being broken. Overall Venus Retrograde in Gemini – we would see people walking back on their contracts & promises. Don’t take promises made right now on the word – Venus is walking the flaky degrees it will walk back on between 13 May to 25 June – people will reconsider giving you what they promised in life & money. Bailouts of oil industry & airline wouldn’t work and possibly fire back.

As the Jupiter Pluto conjunction is happening in zodiac sign of Capricorn opposing Cancer zodiac (tropical), industries which could be impacted include – Real Estate, mortgage debt, stone work, ceramic, building / construction & supplies for it, large corporations, small businesses, women rights, women run businesses, children linked businesses, small farms, milk products, sheep, goats, water linked services & ports.

We would see CEOs stepping down, ruling class & high society disclosures, loss of religious leaders & bubble bursts in terms of truth and this will come with a slew of bankruptcy of industries with over leverage / debt in July. We would see truth of the multi trillions bail outs as well.

Capitalism requires failures – bailouts only delay them so what’s going on right now & will continue in May is just bandaging & greed – there is no getting away from this cycle of fluff moving out of financial markets with over exaggerated stock prices – unfortunately Cancer industries opposite to Capricorn could suffer but only briefly – Capricorn archetype represents big industries and Cancer small businesses, small Farmers, families, child education businesses which will suffer briefly in the process. But with north node solar eclipse in Cancer small businesses, women & children linked businesses, small farms have opportunity to reinvent themselves & save themselves whereas large corporations wouldn’t have any short term solutions to do so and would see a structural breakup or breakdown.

Also small businesses would receive some levels of additional support with north node solar eclipse in June as it gives a new start while south node Capricorn eclipse in July will ask big corporates & administration to release something as truths come to surface especially in United States as the 5 July lunar eclipse falls on Sun of United States in 8th house of crisis & transformation.

June July will be a very volatile time for US due to loss of diplomacy & international affairs crisis as well during Venus Retrograde going between natal Uranus & Mars in 7th house of partnerships diplomacy of US chart. This is triggered by the first eclipse of the season on 5 June which is a Lunar eclipse at 15° Sag square Mars in Pisces – t square of underhanded actions. International diplomatic affairs will go through a wringer in early June in wake of Venus retrograde and this very volatile eclipse of 5th June – which we would start feeling from end May.

This would be followed by 21 June solar eclipse at 0°21’ Cancer which is is conjunct Ascendant & Uranus of North Korea pointing to escalation in that direction. We would see a warning shot fired as early as 25/26 April when this eclipse of 21 June is getting activated by the nodes. But it would not be taken seriously.

Pluto is also going retrograde on 25/26 Apr within orb of natal Pluto in house of resources of United States – that’s why I believe both the diplomatic crisis & financial will strike together during summer with a trigger seen now in last week of April which would be ignored in noise of current moment. Bubbles in Pluto Jupiter burst not because of it being a surprise but more due to greed & complacency or overconfidence.

Pluto rules nuclear energy and July heliocentric conjunction in aftermath of unstable eclipses can be a dramatic. This along with 5 July eclipse were part of astrological configuration involved in 9/11. Though nothing is exactly same but this time between the eclipse of 21 June is happening within one degree of karmic nodes – this is instant event which isn’t long pronged but what would brew in this short period between 25 April to 21 June with diplomatic escalation in first ten days of June.

5 July lunar eclipse eclipse at 13°38’ Capricorn is as I mentioned opposes Sun of United States square natal Saturn – this would be a tough eclipse on incumbent President and administration of US. Activation of this eclipse happened in September 2019 with the start of impeachment process in that month. This was the eclipse involved in events leading upto 9/11 as well. But this eclipse has repercussions way beyond United States as charts of major countries are engaged in this eclipse – UK, Russia, Germany for sure bringing pressure on Euro, Canada, Russia, Australia. I am not in politics so not sure what’s the common threat between these nations.

The eclipses don’t directly interact with China but they are very much leading from Jupiter Pluto conjunction in 12th house Jupiter of China’s chart. That’s where Covid began with Saturn Pluto conjunction Nov-Feb. Jupiter meeting this point will clearly bring out how China in a hidden fashion whether willingly or not are benefiting from this unfortunate crisis. This crisis will tilt the balance of power between the two Super powers. Pluto return of United States will threaten his position as largest economy in the world and these events have the power to shift that position.

I know I am taking this call when trillions are being thrown to ensure economic recovery & we will see some of it in May but as I have mentioned in my previous posts – Jupiter Pluto heliocentric(as seen from Sun) conjunction in July burst bubbles & Pluto is within orb of natal Pluto of United States in house of finances & value system.

This will hurt American economy very differently than China, where in US chart Saturn conjuncts natal south node all the way to 2021 in house of finances and in 2021 it will square Uranus in 6th – prolonged financial troubles and social divide. We will talk of Saturn square Uranus in 2021 separately though we are seeing preview of it right now as both planets are in loose square. All tangible strides that human civilisation has taken in name of advancement has engaged Saturn-Uranus cycle. Magna Carta – all men are created equal, American Revolution, World Wide Web, Euro, Napster as well as Putin & Harvey Weinstein were birthed under Saturn Uranus cycle. We will have a society revolution at our doors in 2021 and you would see a preview of it while Saturn is in Aquarius till 1 July as it’s in loose square to Uranus right now. Questioning boundaries, restrictions, people shaming each other for having different opinions, division like a chasm forming in a society but at same time ground breaking inventions & biggest tech breakthroughs which would be made available to large set of population.

That’s all for 2021 taking roots now.

In this unrest people who invent or espouse solutions to blend the past with future will gain – pairing the offbeat ahead of time ideas with new way of living new rules. Have an eye on your contribution to society in face of volatility as Saturn in Aquarius will take our vision through the wringer as a preview till July.

This cycle will possibly break up Euro which was birthed in the last square. We could see a civil war in America next year along with clear division in society driver being the 14 December eclipse which is key for Trump and would be a catalyst. We could only do part in these cycles which is follow the principles of North Node in Gemini & South Node in Sagittarius as I mentioned in our videos – stick to concrete data & stay off extreme belief system, prejudice, stay in present moment, concrete practical commercial skills come into play & use versus generic ideologies. Upgrade your practical skills, Street smart skills, language skills, tech skills & your communication devices – stay with what you know in name of data without attachment to a specific belief system. Don’t listen to gurus, don’t listen to me, don’t listen to astrology if it feels like a cult or blind faith without use of concrete data & rules – stay with what you know in data & facts not perceived facts & belief system. Unsubscribe to news or channels that pollute your thinking as I mentioned in the video – through north node in Gemini we manifest our destiny to existence through our mind & talk. Stand guard of your mind & learn practical stuff that can be implemented quickly and now. Stick to simple, local businesses using real life skills & talents versus generic global concepts – think of time following 9/11 and how globalisation went out of the window as did global travel.

Coming back to current moment.

Pluto is lord of underworld and brings rebirth through disruption, storms, crisis & acts through our subconscious. Usually an external catalyst causes deep emotional reaction which drives us to bring a big shift in our life. Gut gnawing emotions become our source of growth when Jupiter & Pluto meet. It’s disruptive, it’s raw, it’s real – everything that’s safe is violated by this invasive planet (Pluto) touching our knowledge & faith (Jupiter) in a way freeing us from our own self even if that’s not perceived as such in that moment.

Pluto standing still brings the crisis & fear part of this cycle to obvious external display especially as its standing in connection with Mercury & Sun – fear of survival, death, change, transformation, of letting go yet subconscious drive to not wanting to accept limitations, control issues anymore. That’s the moment where we stand today to early May.

Old is being demolished but what “new” needs to be build isn’t clear yet – in this first contact of Jupiter Pluto cycle. Most cycles only have one contact – back in Dec 1994 we had one, then Dec 2007 we had one – but as unique 2020 is we got 8 months of this with exact contacts in April then in June & lastly in Nov. But as I mentioned July heliocentric meeting would normally bring a global economic event to pass & its usually burst of an economic bubble – fallen angels as it’s called in financial markets.

At personal level we would also feel clear markation of transition from one cycle to another & we would be bursting our own bubbles to see some truths which would ultimately become source of power & strength for us.

Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom is a key participant in this cycle. She is a Greek warrior Goddess who represents win of diplomacy & strategy over conflict and shows us a way. Greek myth goes as Gods decreed Sea God Poseidon and Wise Goddess Pallas to present a gift to the city to earn guardianship. Who will be the protector? Poseidon gifted Horse and Pallas Athena gifted Olive tree. Horse was majestic royal show piece but did nothing in name of usefulness for stony ground of the city. Olive tree on the other hand would benefit larger set of citizens and will flourish over time.

She sets a different example – she is a woman in the man’s world. She is a warrior without hostility & brutality – she is cerebral, the weaver of patterns, she knows how to link ideas together , see the pattern of current times and create a war strategy.

She points to claiming your power through wisdom in crisis & conflict – keeping your head, objectivity is strength here & it’s going to be tough to come by as we are all being put through the wringer. She is represented as a diamond on top of a cross – purity, clarity, impartial to emotional pull of either side cause there will be two warring sides – what did you expect we have six months of Mars in Aries and we are reaching Saturn Uranus square of 2021 – revolution is knocking on our doorsteps just look around at the divided society we are living in – key raw material for it. But I digress from the solution –

She sees patterns of human behaviour in current moment – reads the direction of wind – understands that world is shifting & instead of fighting it – creates new strategies for it. She is a brain child literally born out of the brain of Zeus / Jupiter – she is a brain wave, she is non judgmental intuition – do you see it ? Can we try to stay objective & see it ? A heavenly flash pointing to a talent, an opportunity, a pattern we have been missing before.

This brain wave in the current moment can help us plant a seed of growth provided we stay objective & see what the current moment is showing us – it’s popping a bubble – can we take it, can we see beyond the pain of it so see the writing on the wall of what’s ahead for us so we can take right strategic move.

It will get easier – once the Sun and Mercury are done squaring Pluto Jupiter till end Apr along with conjunction to Uranus. Mid May these will be trines – easier to execute but squares in April create stress enough for us to do something about it. It’s a gift of obsession that needs to be productively channeled. End goal is more prosperity & mastery but through dogged determination but more importantly through adaptability.

Growth comes from crisis that gets rid of fluff & pretence. But growth comes with the intention to have more power & control (Pluto). Sense of expansion is strongly attached to sense of power over others – we see that clearly in chart of people who have Jupiter Pluto conjunction provided they interact with their personal planet else a whole set of people born in those years would be billionaires and power hungry.

Month of July will bring us closer to truth through a crisis or realisation – it will come after Venus & Mercury retrogrades in June – is it worth it – quintessential question – we would try to see our life path through the veil of happiness and many of us will take a total u turn in what we do for our living, it will provoke a crisis of faith & belief globally in July in administration & big corps as it happens in Capricorn

Through this gut wrenching feeling will come the intensity to doggedly pursue expansion of power in specific area of our life though underlying theme is career, life path & abundance – having more power over own time & resources as well as happiness in having it. It’s restructuring our life for power, autonomy, seeking prosperity – it’s obsession of something we truly want.

Focus on a life change – a project of consequence to shift your status for long term, change the structure of your body, your knowledge your thinking, your inner wiring. It’s going to introduce you to you – it will make you own your own desires – channel the intensity you are feeling – the passion, the rage, the anger, the jealousy – all the things we are told we shouldn’t feel but we would feel – our so called shadow side – to get what your soul desires. Don’t waste it in trying to convince anyone else about the validity of your dream or about the value of you – it’s an obsession but it’s yours – you have the ability to propel it in right direction.

So now in part 2 let’s see where would you feel the intensity to make something big happen, where some truth bombs will drop in releasing you to expand authentically with more power organisationally / mentally / physically ! Remember it’s all happening in zodiac sign of Capricorn – so we go cautiously optimistic & with a plan.

It’s the same area by sign that I covered in the 2020 post on New Years by sign –

Disclaimer – Views presented here are not equivalent to investment advice for professional or non professional investors, they are purely based on historic synods of Saturn Pluto Jupiter

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