Aquarius for June 2020There is a deep and profound change on the go. Maybe you had to leav…

Aquarius for June 2020
There is a deep and profound change on the go. Maybe you had to leave something or someone behind. Maybe you had to let go of a project or idea that would have been life changing, or let go of someone you cared about or deeply loved. This has brought grief, sorrow and anxiety. But as it reaches its end, there will be a cleansing and release. A new beginning will await you. You find that you have to re-arrange your world now. Leave your old habits and attitudes behind you and open your mind to new things. Dont hold onto to what or who no longer serves your highest good.
You will find comfort and safety in your spirituality. Maybe this was an area lacking…but it is grounding you now. You find comfort in the Love of God, and its community whether it’s your church, mosque, temple etc..or whether you are now practicing your are taking the orthodox and conventional approach.
As you are looking for the may be reminiscing the old happier times…dont get caught up living in the past. Take the lessons from it, Heal and move on. It’s a time of Healing. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’œ
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