Aquarius Weekly Love Energy.27th Apr – 3rd MayThis is a collective reading so may not resonat…

🃏 Aquarius Weekly Love Energy.
(27th Apr – 3rd May)
🌸This is a collective reading so may not resonate with all.  Check your Moon or Venus sign for more🌸
🌟Signs present 🌿♎🔥
❤️This is a strange reading. Light is being shed on a situation and secrets are being illuminated and brought to the surface. Exposed. This exposure may bring with it some clarity and desire for better in your life. This week is a good time to meditate and focus on what you wish to manifest for your future. Yes we should live in the now but having dreams and goals is not a bad thing. What changes do you want to implement to bring you the future you desire? When things get hard it’s hard to see the positive in anything. But you can’t really manifest from a place of low vibration. Gratitude and appreciation for the natural world and the little blessings can help raise your energy. See yourself and others around you as unique and sacred. Think of new ways to respect yourself, what you consume and how it may effect others. What do you have so much of that others are lacking? Can you be grateful for it? Are there changes you can make in your life to be more supportive of nature and others? Someone is ready to get things moving and might be ready to jump in with some texts or suggestions. This is an exciting and fun energy but it’s also a time to consider your conections and where there has been a lack of give and tak. has someone just been going along with things because the other made it seem like a good idea at the time? This person is ready to walk away from it all and be done. But it’s not as harsh as it sounds. A person has the right to walk away from something that sacrifices their inner peace. In this instance they might be walking away from their own behaviours or issues that have brought them nothing but crap feelings in the past. If an apology is given for past behaviours, you can trust it comes from a grounded place. ©️ elleestfortetarot

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