Are you a July Baby? If you are you probably know that you have the choice between 5 gemstones as your birthstone!! The #ruby , #carnelian , #onyx , #sapphire and #turquoise holy! 😉 The flowers for this month is larkspur and/or the waterlily. Depending on your date of birth in June you could be a #cancer ♊️ from June 21st to July 22nd or a #leo ♌️ from July 23rd to Aug 23rd. The #zodiac is so intricate and complex that right down to the minute of birth can also lend traits to your signs outline. If you have never had your horoscope read you will find it is quite interesting. Based on the July stones here is a bit of each stones qualities. ❤️Ruby speaks to #joy , laughter, #power , vitality and motivation. Think of riches for rubies and they are one of the most precious stones! Perfect for the root chakra. 🧡Carnelian speaks to vitality, energy, creativity and is known as the stone of courage. Great sacral chakra Stone. 🖤Onyx is great to use to rid yourself of negative energy! It works so well it sends the negative energies back to the person the originated from. Great for stress and anxiety. 💎Sapphire is a spiritual aid in many ways. Spiritual work requires focus in personal growth to enhance abilities and this is the stone to use! 3rd eye helper. 💙Turquoise is the calming stone that brings serenity and awareness. It carries positive energy and helps you easily spread it around! I have a shown bracelets with carnelian, black onyx, and turquoise in the pictures. Sorry I don’t have rubies or sapphires 😩 The group of stones here give plenty of great helpers in lots of different situations and more in depth descriptions are easily available on line💕 #mystic #psychic #womensfashion #julybaby #custom #jewelrydesigner #lightworkers #fashionblogger #jewelrydesign #birth #bracelets #treasureddesignsbytammy #jewels #customjewelry #anniversary #fashion #spirit