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#ARIES J U L Y You are having realisations and clarity, inspiration and spiritual guidance is flowing asking and preparing you to make changes! You've been battling yourself, wondering which way to turn! Finally in July you will begin to see answers and know which direction you are turning! This path is new but clear. Death and rebirth, the tower, endings and beginnings, your life is getting a shame up and it will no longer be as it was, when the tower AND death card show together, you can no longer live in denial, you can no longer live as you were, change is coming, move with it, fighting against the tide will hurt you more and these changes are bringing about the most positive energies, trust in yourself and the universe, better times are coming #gabriellapsychicmedium #simplygabriella #psychic #mediumship #card #cardpull #readings #cardspread #zodiacsigns #july #energyforecast #bigchange #endings #beginnings