Astro notes p.s these are things I noticed, some are obvious

Pisces mercury individuals ARE NOT DUMB
People with Virgo sun or Moon usually wind up with the individuals they desire.
Aries moon people embody the stereotyped Aries qualities more so than Aries Sun individuals.
Scorpio sun and Venus turn out to be less committed in relationships than their better halves.
Scorpio moon individuals are really friendly Although the moon is honored in Taurus, Taurus moon individuals go through extreme psychological problems, they simply know how to act calm so its not obvious.
Ascendants physical appearance can be considerably modified by aspects and dominant worlds especially if related to first home.
If the relationship does not make it through, Plutonic themed relationships can bring huge modifications in a persons preferences.
Cancer Sun Taurus moon individuals get stuck in a cycle of toxic relationships.
When they are encouraged theyve found the one the Scorpionic qualities come out in full force, Venus in Gemini/Sagittarius in the 8th house is fickle in casual dating but.
Venus aspecting Saturn triggers emotional injury in relationships.

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