Astrology of the Super Bowl Halftime Show ft. JLo amp Shakira

Quick and fun.

Shakira, Aquaruis. Jennifer Lopez, Leo.

**Shakira**: Transit Jupiter in an applying conjunction to her Capricorn MC. Expansion on the world stage. Jupiter also applying to her Mercury in Capricorn. Jupiter expanding upon her message (Mercury), which is musical in nature. Natal Mercury trines natal Jupiter in musical Taurus: Shakira speaks over five languages, and is a worldwide star, her music applicable to many cultures and countries. Jupiter in her second house with transit Jupiter approaching a trine: while Shakira wont make anything off the show itself, the exposure will likely cause her album sales to spike dramatically, as it has done for all Halftime performers in the past. Ruler of her second house, Venus, is in her 1st house. One who makes money off of their appearance, personality. Face-forward. Proud of her Colombian roots, the Halftime show made a beautiful presentation of Latinx heritage. Shakira has her Moon in Cancer in the 4th opposite her 10th house position, amplifying the importance of her ancestry in her career.

**JLO**: No birth time. Transit Uranus in an applying conjunction to her natal Saturn in Taurus. The hard work and perseverance spent in pursuit of art and material (Saturn in Taurus) is now met with sudden opportunity (Uranus). JLO has been having a fantastic 50th solar return, with her role in Hustlers and now her Super Bowl performance ushering her into a higher artistic echelon. Uranus loosened what Saturn kept restricted. JLO is also notoriously disciplined and hard working when it comes to her myriad art forms. She has Mars in Sag trine her Sun in Leo, a limitless ambition and stamina. The transit Sun in Aquarius is in an applying trine to her Venus in Gemini, providing a beneficial boost to artistic endeavors, and generally spotlighting Venusian activities. To note, JLO has Sun in square to Saturn. That she has found continued and elevated success as she has aged is a manifestation of this aspect.

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