Astrology Today Key Events 29th Mars, Venus and the Sun continue transiting Virgo.Mercury enters…

Astrology Today – Key Events 29th
Mars, Venus and the Sun continue transiting Virgo.
Mercury enters Virgo-Mercury will stay in Virgo until September 14th. During this time expect to be more precise in your speech, thought and cognitive processing. You will experience a natural ability in being able to see and work with the finer details in life now. However, this energy means that an urge to be perfect can mean getting lost too much in the detail and wanting everything just right that we forget to see the larger picture and spend too long on task. Now, Mercury governs out communication so check that when communicating with others you don’t become obsessed with explaining the facts to the minutest of details- no one likes to be bored or feel as though they are being told what or how something should be done, so watch out for this tendency in both yourself, and those around you. To truly make the most of this transit focus its energy on organising, analysing, planning and applying.
Sun-Uranus trine- We are happy to seek and embrace change and progress. Be prepared to find out new things and make necessary changes. You could have the opportunity to take a risk- the energy is very positive now and it could lead to success.
Sun-Pluto challenge- if you feel under pressure, maybe from a hidden source or from a person or area of your life that you did not expect then be prepared to stand up for yourself and fight your corner.
Blessed Be Lulu )O(

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