Astrology Update lets go through some of the aspects we have happening right now and what were le…

Astrology Update~ let’s go through some of the aspects we have happening right now and what we’re leading up to.

First off, we have almost half the planets we work with in astrology about to go retrograde. Retrograde periods ask us to slow down.. slower than usual so we can review revise re-examine things that we have missed.. that we’ve breezed passed with the normal speed of life. Retrogrades say slowwww down and look over what has not been fully tended to. Saturn goes retro May 11, Venus May 13, Jupiter May 14, and lastly Pluto April 25th. Each planet holds a different energy and is asking us to review different areas of our lives. Also, be sure to check your chart to see if you were born with any planets retrograde~ that would look like a little R next to the planet, and if so, you will be experiencing retrograde periods much different than those born with these planets direct. We also have the nodes of the moon about to end their 1.5 year cycle of being in Cancer/Capricorn, now shifting in Gemini/Sagittarius.

Today April 27th, we have the Moon in Cancer, Mercury just moved into Taurus and we are leading up to the next full moon in Scorpio. Some thingssss are happening.

Moon in Cancer can bring some sensitivity, feeling called to be more internal, an invitation to cleanse your water/release emotions.. being touched emotionally and letting your water cleanse/renew itself. Mercury in Taurus shifts the focus with how we communicate/process information~ stability, feeling solid, taking stock of your posessions/$/finances, what do you value, what’s important. Even today feeling this earthy energy slow us down a bit and move with more directness more clarity more stability. Venus in her shadow period possibly topics moving into our awareness around relationships, communication style, how we express what we need, topics coming up, maybe people from the past (retros notorious for past things coming up) that we need to clear the air with or make peace with.. choosing to engage in conversation or work through it within your own mind. As Venus in Gemini loves information/quick witted conversations/a good banter/playing devils advocate seeing CONTINUED below👇🏾

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