August is the summer of love.Yes, this applies to you even if you live in the Southern hemispher…

August is the summer of love.⁠

Yes, this applies to you even if you live in the Southern hemisphere (I know it’s winter there!).⁠

Wherever you live, the energy of love is pervasive now. And we certainly need more love in this world!⁠

I know it looks as if the world has gone mad, yet there is still so much beauty.⁠

You might need more self-love at the moment.⁠

August is our 8th month, a number associated with expansion) in Leo, a sign associated with joyous extraversion.⁠

And yet, you might feel the need now to go within and take it slow.⁠

That’s all part of the plan.⁠

In numerology, August 2019 is a 20/2 Universal Month. (8 + 2+0+1+9 = 20).⁠

20 is a highly sensitive vibration that gets you more in touch with your intuition.⁠

It’s associated with relationships and partnering, and paradoxically encourages you to spend more time alone as well.⁠

Only by knowing your true self can you relate to others in a meaningful way.⁠

It’s also a blessing having this deep, introspective energy now after that INTENSE month of July.⁠

The eclipses and retrogrades brought up a A LOT of emotions and insights for you to process, did they not?⁠

Make sure you’re taking care of yourself.⁠

You might find you are craving the company of true loved ones, and totally annoyed by people you’ve outgrown.⁠

Allow yourself to feel all the feels and be honest with yourself.⁠

It’s important to exercise healthy boundaries. Your time and energy are valuable resources. Use them wisely.⁠

As you exercise more self love, you will attract people and opportunities who support your well-being.⁠

Enjoy the energies!⁠

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