August mid month 15-31st reading for VIRGO.What up, Virgo Remember how you started that thing, …

August mid month (15-31st) reading for VIRGO
What up, Virgo! Remember how you started that thing, a while ago? It seemed like something really, you know, insignificant. Well if you weren’t already aware of this, it sure isn’t going to stay insignificant. Talk about the domino effect. Actually, go and read Scorpio, because there is a lot of similarity here and there’s also some strong Scorpio energy highlighted in this reading. I feel like you’re going to quite literally surprise yourself, here. The way you respond to what’s going on around you won’t be at all the same as you’re used to; and while I feel like everything is going a lot better, directly because of that, I also think this could make you feel quite overwhelmed. Indeed. Something that began seeming rather simple quickly escalates to something really rather complicated, and you may be tempted to backtrack, only to realize that you can’t. Because this is that Scorpio energy. It transforms you, permanently. You can’t un-die, Virgo. (That’s a metaphor). And that really is a very good thing, I’ll have you know, but for you this may feel quite uncomfortable. This seemingly insignificant thing ends up completely over turning your sense of stability. Who and what you rely on. Who you thought you were, even. Look back to June, because there were a lot of clues there. Think carefully. The crux of the matter is really where you belong, Virgo, in every sense of the word. That may have a less straightforward answer than you used to think. And Virgo, don’t panic, this is all good, I’m just preparing you 🙂 do something mad for me and don’t hold tight. Let go!
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