Awaken Sleeping LionThis New Moon is guiding us to act from the heart in all we do as we seek to…

♌Awaken Sleeping Lion♌

This New Moon is guiding us to act from the heart in all we do as we seek to develop an identity that we can be proud of and align that new identity with a purpose that sparks a passion deep within us

Our perspective of the world, people around us and even ourselves begins to morph and transform as we see that changes are being made in all of us as we slowly burn away the fears and confusion of who we are and begin to rise out of a long state of amnesia to awaken to the gifts we have been given by the universe
Your job is to have the confidence in yourself to take the key that you will find within yourself and turn on the ignition knowing that you will start the roaring engine that will create a blazing fire of passion within you that you must learn to tame, guide and direct

Often times the fear is not that you are incapable but that if you dare to look your own power squarely in the face then you will immediately be stripped of all excuses as your awareness rises that your power is in your control and you will realise that from this moment onwards…THERE IS NO TURNING BACK!!! I wish you Success Forever 🙇🏾‍♂️🙏🏾
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