Bag 2 For those of you who chose bag 2, your divine counterpart has a lot of affection for you. I…

Bag #2: For those of you who chose bag #2, your divine counterpart has a lot of affection for you. In this love, your divine counterpart yearns for your love. This person is having STRONG sexual desires for you! In this profound deep love union connection, both souls are intertwined, and this entanglement is FOREVER! The spiraling energy of two souls and beginning to connect! Be prepared because this love was destined for a connection for those choosing bag #2. Trust in this connection as a development of trust will create a lasting bond for this union. You will be able to talk with your person about anything. This person is calculated and plans a lot in life. Your person is above average in finances and can see this person sharing with you. In you, this person has found a soulmate and want to share life with you. Your person is envisioning a life with the divine counterpart. The divine counterpart of both feminine and masculine energy is both desiring a connection here. The divine masculine is yearning for the divine feminine and in turn the divine feminine wants life with the divine masculine. Your person wants to come together as one as will overcome any obstacle to give you the world! Someone is waking up in this connection and wants a DEEPER love than what this person settled for. Your person has a lot of love for you and wants to show you this love. The divine counterpart sees you as marriage material and wants to have children with you. Your divine counterpart is extremely ATTRACTED to you. This person knows you are the best thing ever to happen to this person’s soul and can move this person in a way no one has or could. Just the thought of your energy, moves this person to a deeper awakening in the soul. YOU ARE THE BEST THING that your person will ever have. (Continues in comments)

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