Besides 33, I always see the number 777


Even though I receive these great messages from deep space and have a meaningful life path, I fight with myself and what I desire from life often. I am really hard on myself to the point where it can cause depression and self loathing. Hoping somebody can share some insight!

My cell phone number has 777 in it. My sweethearts cellphone number has 777 in it, even prior to satisfying me. Its 3:43 (77) AM and my battery is at 77% at the time of composing this. This is a number I see typically as well as 33.

I wish to raise myself out of the 666 (base consciousnes), through gnosis and best myself in the spiritual and physical domain. Im hoping I can attain this in life. I believe I see the number 33, due to the fact that I want to raise consciousness through debunking the occult by learning from and mentor people who are interested in this sort of things.

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