BIRTH CHART GIVEAWAY but first you gotta listen to my feels 25k astro babes im touched al…

✨ ✨ ✨ BIRTH CHART GIVEAWAY ✨ ✨ ✨ but first you got ta listen to my feels: 25k! astro babes! im touched! all of your love & & support over the in 2015 and a half has actually melted my virgo venus like you d never believe. i enjoy you people sooooo much & & am permanently grateful for the love, laughs & & motivation u provide on the daily. youve really brightened my days when ive felt totally stuck in the dark– this year has actually been gorgeous, however parts of it have also been absolutely soul-crushingly painful, stressful & & emotional. u all have been such a constant source of delight– this neighborhood is intense af & & thank u for joining me on this journey of growth, learning, compassion & & love. so now its time to reveal you guys all the love with my very first ever natal chart giveaway! here are the rules:
… ⚡ tag a good friend in the remarks below
. ⚡ you should be following my account
… Ill reveal the winner on sunday & & just what does the winner get?!
… #astrology #astrologymemes #astrologia #horoscopes #horoscopo #horoscope #zodiacsigns #zodiacmemes #zodiaco #zodiac #natalchart #giveaway #birthchart
… prepared, set, tag!! by @tabsndabs
. ⚡ each tag counts as a different entry
. ⚡ the opportunity to ask one specific question about life and/or your chart & & well dive into it
… ⚡ 30-minute birth chart overview reading with me through telephone

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