CANCER HOROSCOPE for JULY 2019CANCERCANCER RISINGJuly revolves around Eclipse Season, so e…

A sweet Mars/Venus element in the first week of July is quite the love fest, specifically with the effective rays of the Cancer Sun pulling them together. Could be a nice affirmation … find out more at, link in bio
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July revolves around Eclipse Season, so feelings are running high & & Destiny is hectic working her magic in the background of events this month-and its all connected to your sign!
It starts with the Cancerian Total Solar Eclipse New Moon of the 3rd. Gosh, for completely Moon sensitive, intuitively changed on creature like yourself the powerful sensations coming up here about your genuine requirements, desires, psychological reality, innovative inspo etc are quite frustrating
Okay, there could be some tidal mood swings threatening to overload you/certain circumstances in your personal life setting off some quite primal responses that you may or may not feel in control of. If you can keep your cool somehow among all this, and harness that effective emotional intelligence of yours rather?

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