Cancer June 21st – July 22ndDeathIn GeneralLetting attachments go, termination, new beginning…

Cancer ~ June 21st – July 22nd


In General
Letting attachments go, termination, new beginnings, illness, conspicuous change, failure.
You are seeing the end of something significant in your life which can lead to the beginning of something better and more valuable. It may feel difficult to move on but like Death, this ending is inevitable, don’t fight it, embrace it.
In Love
End of a relationship.
It’s time to make a serious decision, stay or go. Either way happiness will be waiting for you, it’s up to you to move on and find it.
When Death is paired with Judgement it indicates that you are mourning the end of something but are slowly beginning to come to terms with it and accepting something new that is taking its place.


In General
Correct judgement, rebirth, forgiveness, inner calling.
Follow your intuition to make serious decisions that will help bring about major changes in your life.
Time for self-analysis, concentration and meditation. An epiphany is helping you to realise the necessity to lead life differently. Aim to be more truthful to yourself so that you can bring hope to others.

In Love
Loyalty, faith, life-changing choice, proposal.
Those in a relationship will find that now is the ideal time to take the next step.and make your relationship stronger.

Those seeking love should wait patiently, true love is hard to find so they not to get involved with too many engagements at once.

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