Cancer week of 827-92The collective as a whole is awakening and the energy over the next fe…

Cancer ♋|| week of 8/27 -9/ 2.
The cumulative as a whole is awakening and the energy over the next couple of months will propel a number of you on your courses. The key is to give up. Since surrendering means releasing control, its not as simple as it sounds. Lots of people flourish off of control– they require to understand when something is happening, why its taking place, how its happening, etc. Despite the fact that you may be pushed to release control and allow the Universe to take over its extremely crucial that you stay mindful. Understanding will assist you adjust to the changes even if they dont make sense in the 3D. The ascension procedure that lots of are experiencing today is pressing you to launch, integrate and recover past injuries, energetic blockages and worries. This is a reminder that all the work youve been doing is essential. Its all part of this journey youre on. You cant grow and rise to new levels if youre not ready to cut cords with the past and release the things that are weighing you down physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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