Capricorn and teeth.

Any other Cap suns or Cap-dom individuals have issues with their teeth, or maybe bones? I know were ruled by the skeletal system.

Cap sun and stellium dominant (Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune). The good news is, Ive never ever broken a bone in my life, but Ive had my reasonable share of teeth concerns. Braces (lots have those though), three root canals after getting struck in the outfield with a baseball, the knowledge teeth pull, and now, Im scheduled for 2 deep cleanings in one month on my teeth.

Ive really never ever had a cavity and think I look after my teeth well! Obviously for my age (29 ), if I do not get this gum treatment taken care of, Ill be at increased danger when I get older for teeth loss and other health deficiencies. I floss and brush as told and directed, however whatever I do I seem like I build way more tartar and plaque than many, and it appears Im cursed with teeth/oral issues:-LRB-.

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