Just a thought: **Capricorn ascendant people are often misunderstood, because they express themselves in unusual ways. They are not the best at expressing their emotions, which can result in people perceiving them as cold, awkward, quirky, rude, or inappropriate.**  **This is usually not intentional and capricorn ascendants are usually very compassionate people. They tend to attract bad luck and have often overcome great struggle. As a result, they move through life with a sort of light-hearted cynicism. They are people of great resilience and willpower.** Any Cap ascendants relate? Some capricorn ascendant celebs that have the same or a similar ''awkward charm'' vibe in my eyes: ​ [Ariana Grande]( ​ [Kylie Jenner]( ​ [Kara Hayward]( ​ [Megan Fox]( ​ [Zooey Deschanel](