Card 1-.10 of CupsThis is very beautiful energy and brings happiness , joy , love and emotional sat…

Card 1-.10 of Cups
This is very beautiful energy and brings happiness , joy , love and emotional satisfaction . It is normally a time when you are surrounded by the people you love and cherish . I think many of us are now in a state of gratitude for everything we have and everyone we love . It’s about being aware just how much love you have around you and being grateful for your family and friends . For some there will be celebrations today, all those cups got be filled with something . Enjoy your day and tell those you appreciate and love just how you feel .
Card 2 -.Strength
We all need to be strong , patient and courageous right now not give into our fears and animal instincts. I would imagine there is a lot of heated energy going on at the moment around how others are behaving and this can cause a lot of drama because people’s patience is wearing thin . Many of you will not be used to spending so much time with the people you live with or locked inside . The strengths ruler the Sun in Aries can often make people feel restless , impulsive, impatient and frustrated . We must all remember that we are all in the same boat and use this energy in a positive way to be creative , work out or find some entertainment that will make you feel happy .
Card 3 – 8 of Swords
I can feel and see the energy of 8 of Swords going on right now . It is a card that reflects anxiety, worry , stress and fear. It will appear when you are living in your head and worrying about what might happen in the near future. You could be making up all kinds of negative scenarios. I know it’s not easy to stop this but you need to get out of your head and limit just how much negative news and information you are reading and listening to. Many of you will be worried about the future and what’s to come it can leave you imprisoned in your own mind. Please ground your energy and come out of your head worrying and stressing will not help you in anyway . Being in the moment will prevent you from overthinking .
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