Casual Survey Astrology and MBTI Everyone

This is a survey to determine if their is any relation between Astrology and MBTI. You need to know your MBTI and at least your Sun Sign (Popular Sign), but your total Natal Chart helps alot. Should take less than 5 min. This is for a personal study and am needing more data. Thank you.


EDIT: Here are the current results after 500+ submissions. One is just flat results whereas the other is the percentage difference (bias) that can be added to find a result. The averages are pretty accurate so you can use the “Total Sign” results if you want.

Mine says I should INFJ-A (using plain weights) or INTJ-A (using averages), but I am INTJ-T, I consider that close. I think this is a case of nature vs nurture.

Simplified: [](

Numerical: []( (positive are first (I vs E, positive is “I” bias))

Tell me what you think: [](

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