I feel like we cant talk about anything here.

I have to say this because it’s been lingering on my mind.

The rules in this subreddit have been getting out of hand. Posts get removed for the dumbest shit.

For example, I’ve seen people ask questions about Virgo Moons and have their posts get removed because apparently to the mods asking about certain signs and placements is feeding into “stereotypical archetypes”. It’s stupid. How does that make sense? Every sign and aspect has its own energy, and theme. How did we become penalized for talking about astrology on an ASTROLOGY subreddit?!

This is a subreddit about astrology and we should be able to make and start discussions without fearing our posts getting removed for illogical assumptions and presumptions.

There’s a HUGE difference between this subreddit and the “AskAstrologers” subreddit because NEWSFLASH, sometimes I don’t want to ask a question about my OWN chart but ask questions or start discussions about other placements, AND aspects.

This subreddit has become extremely exclusive, and quite frankly I’m tired of it. This should be a place of learning, exploration and open mindedness, and quite frankly it’s become the absolute opposite the past few months.

Feel free to agree or disagree.

Do you ever tell anyone youre into astrology

I feel like telling your friends “yhea, I’m into astrology” puts you in the same category as conspiracy theorists and anti vaxxers.

Even if you tell them they’re natal chart and pin point their personality word for word they may still think it’s bs. Or even they know just the basics like they know their sun or whatever but don’t recognize themselves as their own sign because, again, your sun doesn’t say everything about you but people just don’t care.

A few days ago I read the natal chart of one of my friends. Described everything about him, word per word and he just said, “yhea it’s right but that’s bs, the planet alignments don’t tell anything about you”

I don’t even tell anyone my own sign because people may not know w signs traits but they sure as shit know they’re bad parts, like “aries angry, scorpio resentful, taurus stubborn” there is so much more if you just have some faith and listen to astrology but you just get called a lunatic