Chaldean calculationname change

My main question is, when including the 15 and 11, do I lower the 15 to 6 and then contribute to 11 for a total of 17? Or do I add 15 to 11 for an overall of 26?

In other words, I discovered some intriguing parallels. I guess my current name has run its course?

I lawfully changed my name several years earlier. But the new name, though I love it, isnt ideal either.

Most significantly, with Chaldean computations, my birth name (first, last) is 15 + 11,
The existing name is 18 + 30,
And the proposed new name is 11 + 15.
The label is a 9, and has the very same Kabbalist interpretation as my initial first name.

Hey there!

Ideally I d like my name to be neutral or better in each system. Would love to speak with anyone who has actually remained in a comparable circumstance.

While coming up with new names, I evaluated them through Pythagorean, Chaldean, Vedic, and Kabbalistic numerology.


I still do not like my birth name, however I like the numbers in Pythagorean and Chaldean, presuming the math is what I hope it is …:-RRB-.

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