Could Jupiter in Capricorn be a positive thing

To me it does appear that Jupiter in Sag was about dreaming and Capricorn is about doing.

I saw a thread on Astro twitter that said Jupiter in Droop feels like a time of possibility and abundance, so its excellent for manifesting and dreaming, but it can be tough to actually put in the work to make it take place. The motion into cap may not feel as endless and enjoyable, but it will allow people to actually take and plan action on these dreams.

Personally, I am Sag sun in the 3rd home and 2019 was the worst year of my life (it was also an extremely difficult Saturn return: Capricorn stellium in the 4th home, consisting of Saturn). I also had a task fall into my lap that will permit me to move to my dream city.

What do you guys believe?

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