Daily Horoscope: April 16, 2021

The moon in air sign Gemini makes a helpful connection with taskmaster Saturn at 3:53 AM, helping us set boundaries—but egos clash as the sun squares off with power planet Pluto at 9:27 AM. The moon squares off with foggy Neptune at 11:15 PM, finding us confronting confusing feelings.

All times ET.


An important turning point arrives in your career, Aries, as the sun clashes with Pluto. Power struggles are confronted, but a remarkable transformation may also take place.


Your outlook on the world is transformed as the sun clashes with Pluto. Make extra time to rest, as it may be a mentally and emotionally exhausting day.


Intense energy flows in your social life as the sun and Pluto square off. Power struggles come to the fore and egos clash. The moon in your sign helps you get clear on your emotions.


The moon in Gemini encourages you to slow down and rest today, which may feel quite difficult to do as the sun clashes with Pluto, bringing major changes (and potentially power struggles) in your partnerships.


The way things have always been done is undergoing a major change as the sun clashes with Pluto. This is a powerful time to transform your habits and thinking patterns, but rocky shifts in your routine or schedule may take place, too.


Intense emotions flare as the sun clashes with Pluto! What’s been lurking beneath the surface may rise, finding you understanding things in your love life and your creative pursuits in a totally new way.


It’s an intense day in your relationships as the sun clashes with Pluto. Power struggles, envy, and even manipulation may be themes that come up for you to navigate. Call in the help of a mediator—there’s no reason to sort through this alone.


The sun squares off with your ruling planet Pluto, making for an intense day. It’s a powerful time to dump a bad habit, but control issues may flare up.


The sun clashes with Pluto, making it an intense day in your love life. Desire is a hot topic right now—but so is control. Jealousy may arise. Complex issues concerning money may also come to the fore.


Intense shifts in your home and family life take place as the sun clashes with Pluto. It can be hard to let go of the past, but it’s an important time to release whatever you have been carrying emotionally.


Powerful conversations take place today as the sun clashes with Pluto. Something important may be revealed. Thinking patterns may be transformed—but watch out for manipulative speech, too.


The sun squares off with Pluto today, creating a powerfully transformative atmosphere—but some power struggles, especially concerning money, may pop up. Bring in a third party to help mediate things.

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