Daily Horoscope: April 9, 2021

The moon in Pisces clashes with fiery Mars at 9:49 AM, kicking up an argumentative atmosphere—but a more sympathetic energy flows as the moon meets dreamy Neptune at 10:04 AM. Mars clashes with Neptune at 3:18 PM, so watch out for lazy or shady behavior. Take it slow and save important projects and conversations for another time. The moon connects with power planet Pluto at 7:48 PM, creating a transformative atmosphere.

All times ET.


The moon in Pisces encourages you to rest today, which is a great idea as your ruling planet Mars clashes with hazy Neptune, which could find you feeling confused, annoyed, or exhausted. Instead of pushing things to happen, lay back and relax!


The moon in Pisces finds you focused on your social life today, but there may be some confusion concerning money as Mars clashes with Neptune. Save important decisions for another time, when the energy is clearer!


Your focus is on your career today thanks to the moon in Pisces, but some confusion and laziness is also in the air thanks to Mars’s clash with Neptune. Take it slow, Gemini.


You’re in a philosophical mood as the moon moves through fellow water sign Pisces. Make plenty of time to rest today as Mars clashes with Neptune, making for a lazy atmosphere; forcing things to move quickly could find you feeling lost or confused.


You’re contemplating closure as the moon moves through Pisces. Complicated and confusing feelings are in the air as Mars clashes with Neptune. Don’t let your imagination run away from you; find ways to stay grounded.


Your focus is on partnership today thanks to the moon in Pisces. Mars and Neptune also square off, making for a frustrating energy—efforts seems to go nowhere. Take a light approach today, go slow, and save important conversations or actions for another time.


You’re reflecting on your daily habits and routines as the moon moves through Pisces. Confusion about your schedules and plans may take place as Mars clashes with Neptune. If you’re feeling unsure about what to do, rest rather than pushing things.


The moon in fellow water sign Pisces inspires a romantic mood today, but Mars’s clash with Neptune could make for some complications and confusion. Find ways to stay grounded during today’s hazy atmosphere!


The moon in Pisces finds you reflecting on home and family today. Some confusion in your partnerships may come up as Mars clashes with Neptune—you’re noticing which boundaries need to be reestablished.


The moon in Pisces illuminates the commutation sector of your chart, but as Mars clashes with Neptune, things could get confusing, especially when it comes to scheduling.


Your focus is on finances today as the moon moves through Pisces. Some confusion about what you want may arise as Mars clashes with Neptune. The mood might be especially lazy.


The moon is in your sign today, Pisces, encouraging you to reflect on your feelings. Mars clashes with your ruling planet Neptune, making for some confusion and laziness. Take it slow today!

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